Fall 2012

New Online Campus Accessibility Map Launched

New Map Features

  • Ability to zoom for greater detail
  • Parking lot designations
  • Compatibility with mobile web devices
  • Improved map navigation system
  • Implementation of modern web design standards
  • Print quality map images
  • Easily updated

by Michael Rivera, EO Office student employee

Navigating Western’s campus as a first-time visitor can be stressful and overwhelming.  It’s easy to find yourself lost among Western’s steep hills and winding brick pathways.  Now consider attempting to navigate campus for the first time using a wheelchair or crutches.  Finding your way around without hitting a staircase, steep grades and ledges can be challenging Campus Accessibility Mapwithout a bit of guidance, as is finding an accessible restroom in Western’s many buildings constructed over half a century ago.

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to create an updated online campus accessibility map based on the 20 physical accessibility maps located around campus created by Chris Baker and Gail Kuromiya.  This new online map gives users a full view of campus and contains all the valuable accessibility information provided by the physical maps and more.  Superseding the prior version of the campus access map hosted on the EO Office website, the updated online map includes new construction such as the Academic Instructional Center, Communications Facility, Wade King Recreation Center and Buchanan Towers East.  The internet has also come a long way since the previous version of the online map was created, allowing us to provide better picture quality, interactivity and a much more user-friendly interface.

In conjunction with the map project, I also led a team of Western students – Anikka Barklind, Evan Christopher, Joel Swenson and Jonathan Carbajal – that surveyed the academic and auxiliary buildings around campus for wheelchair accessibility.  All of the information we gathered is reflected on the accessibility map to ensure that it provides the most current information.

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