Policies & Procedures

Ensuring Equal Opportunity and Prohibiting Discrimination and Retaliation (POL-U1600.02)

Accommodating Persons with Disabilities (POL-U1600.03)

Preventing and Responding to Sex Discrimination, Including Sexual Misconduct (POL-U1600.04)

Implementing Affirmative Action Program (POL-U1600.05)

Prohibiting Consensual Intimate Personal Relationships Between Supervisors and Supervisees (POL-U1600.06)

Requesting an Appointment of Opportunity (POL-U1600.01)

Related ESIGN Forms

ESIGN Form for requesting a dual career assistance, exceptional merit, temporary or sponsored program, or critical need appointment of opportunity

  • Complete this ESIGN form to request these types of appointments of opportunity.

ESIGN Forms for requesting a faculty diversity initiative or staff diversity initiative appointment of opportunity.

  • To request an FDI or SDI appointment with bridge funding, two e-sign forms are required. First, complete ESIGN Form A to request that bridge funding be held for this position. Once Form A is approved and a comprehensive evaluation of the proposed FDI or SDI candidate is conducted, complete ESIGN Form B to request appointment of the candidate.

  • To request an FDI or SDI appointment without bridge funding, one e-sign form is required. Complete ESIGN Form C to request appointment of the candidate.
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