Winter 2016 Newsletter

Equal Opportunity Trainings Offered

The EO Office provides training and facilitated conversation on a wide variety of topics concerning equal opportunity, affirmative action, and diversity and inclusion.  Training topics include:

  • Title IX: Preventing & Responding to Sex Discrimination, Including Sexual Violence

  • Hiring Veterans:  Translating Military Experience into the Higher Education Context

  • Fostering Equity and Inclusion:  Requirements and Best Practices

  • Identifying, Understanding and Intervening in Microaggressions

  • Preventing and Responding to Racial and National Origin Harassment:  Rights and Responsibilities

  • Providing Reasonable Accommodations in Classes and Programs:  Americans with Disabilities Act and Rehabilitation Act Compliance

  • Religious Diversity in the Workplace:  Requirements and Best Practices

  • Addressing Bullying and Harassment Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression

  • Creating Inclusive Learning Environments for Transgender, Genderqueer and Non-Binary Students


Additional trainings and facilitated dialogues about equal opportunity issues can be developed to address the needs of particular departments.  Please contact Laura Langley, Manager of Equal Opportunity Programs, to discuss training possibilities. For information about required Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for faculty and staff, please go here

Multiple workshops facilitated by faculty and staff from across the university are also available via the Campus Equity and Inclusion Forum.

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