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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

Alice Bremner photo: Fairhaven student to teach English in India

Alice Bremner

"Medicine and Social Justice"

A Close-Knit Community

"A small and close knit community, Fairhaven is supportive and challenging. Fellow students and professors are constantly working on new research, art, and other projects. The people Fairhaven attracts are special and inspiring."


"I began college as a Western student and decided to transfer to Fairhaven after taking a Fairhaven class. I realized that Fairhaven would afford me the unique ability to design my own major and pursue studies that interest me outside of a traditional university framework."

An example of a current project?

Printmaking: Anatomical Study: This independent study course is integrating the study of the human body with relief printing. It allows me to express myself artistically and offers a relief from the intensity of a classical science course. Tanis Seitlin is our advisor and I am working with Rachel Mahaffey We hope to eventually display our work together in Fairhaven.

Discovering a life passion

"Fairhaven is an amazing opportunity to discover your academic and life passion! Being a Fairhaven student is a thoughtful, introspective process and yet it is also a community oriented, collaborative process.

"Fairhaven gave me confidence in my science ability and my professors encouraged me to pursue more challenging science and now I hope to attend medical school to become a doctor. As a pre-med student, most of my classes have been Western classes. I appreciate the chance to integrate social justice with study of chemistry, biology and physics. I also spend some of my spare time volunteering with the Mount Baker Planned Parenthood Clinic. This integration allowed me to create a concentration that is effectively combines my passions. I find that Fairhaven classes encourage lively discussion. In my seminar classes each student is encouraged and expected to voice their thoughts and opinions and the discussions are richer for the smaller classroom environment.

"Most striking is the access Fairhaven students have to their professors. We are welcomed and encouraged to seek help from faculty and they are happy to provide assistance. The influence of my faculty mentors had led me to apply for and receive a Fulbright Fellowship and given me a new appreciation of my own abilities. "

The Fulbright: Teaching in India

"After graduation I will spend a year as an English Teaching Assistant in India through the Fulbright Program. I then hope to attend medical school and work in global health. Fairhaven has encouraged me to set goals and taught me how to attain them."


Photo credits:
(L) Newspaper article by The Western Front (R) photo/WWU Admissions


Alice discusses her Fairhaven education.

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