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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

Sarah Ishmael

Sarah Ishmael

Law, Diversity & Justice Concentration

What drew you to Fairhaven's Center for Law, Diversity & Justice?

I was drawn to Fairhaven because of the small class sizes, personal connection with the professors and the community in which students get to study. I was specifically drawn to the Law Diversity and Justice program not only because of my interest in studying law and social justice but because the classes are rigorous, challenging and are taught by experienced faculty.

About the CLDJ program

My experience with the CLDJ program has been a very positive one. After taking the American Legal System, I decided to make LDJ my concentration. Since that course, every course offered within the program has challenged me in ways I had never expected. The mixture of personal connection, challenging coursework and constant dialog has made a big impact on the way I view academics.

I take the expectations set in those courses with me to "main campus" classes. As a result of the program I study harder, challenge my perceptions and of course have developed a love-hate relationship with case briefs!

The Future

I have chosen to pursue law school after Fairhaven. I really have developed a passion for law and social justice. I want to be able to use that passion to contribute to the community.




Sarah discusses her concentration in Law, Diversity & Justice at Fairhaven. Larger video

Governor Appoints Sarah Ishmael New WWU Student Trustee (September 28, 2009)