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WWU / Fairhaven College of Interdiscipinary Studies

Group learning in the Outback Farm, Fairhaven College WWU

The Outback Farm: Gardens

The Outback gardens are maintained and coordinated entirely by students. There are four main garden projects: The Community Garden, the Market Garden, the Herb Garden, and the Forest Garden.


Outback: watering cansThe Community Garden

Comprised of roughly 40 small plots, available to students, staff, and faculty, available on a first-come first-served basis and free of charge. To be eligible for a plot, individuals must commit to tending it throughout the summertime or else have a plan to pass on responsibility to a known party. No prior gardening experience is necessary and experimentation (so long as it is organic!) is encouraged.


Community Garden Coordinator: Steve Harvey

Outback: broccoli

The Educational Garden

An experiment in practical, bio-intensive organic growing. teaching people how to grow highly productive organic gardens. The Educational Garden hosts the Early Childhood Development garden, a 3rd grade garden, and courses from Fairhaven College. Volunteer Opportunities are available for work in exchange for fresh produce!


Market Garden Coordinator: Roby Ventres-Pake


The Ethnobotany Garden

Coordinator: John Tuxill


Outback: herbs

The Herb Garden

A variety of perennial and annual herbs, located at the entrance to the Outback.  The herbs are planted in plots according to their uses: flu and cold, culinary, nervines, and women's herbs.


Herb Garden Coordinator:Lauren Caster


Outback: grape

Forest Garden

A long-term installation of various fruit trees and berry bushes. Located in the southeast corner of the Outback. To find out more about forest gardens, go to:


Forest Garden Coordinators: John Tuxill