Instructions for Setting up an FYE Course

Departments are responsible for proposing new or existing courses as First Year Experience (FYE) courses. Be sure to review the criteria.

Complete the following form and send it to your college curricular committee. It will eventually be reviewed by the Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE).

  1. Course proposal form or Course revision form
  2. Attach course syllabus or outline
  3. List of required reading assignments
  4. Methods use to evaluate students' work


  • Departments must enter the course attribute of "FR only" in order to restrict registration to first-year students.
  • During course schedule development, ensure that the "FYE" attribute is attached to course.
  • If a course will always be offered as an FYE, it is recommended that the rubric "117" be used. The number "117" is reserved for FYE courses.


Page Updated 11.22.2017