November-December 2017

Pyrogeography Students Explore Last Summer's Blanchard Mountain Fire

December 19, 2017

Students in Michael Medler's undergraduate capstone Pyrogeography course produced this video about last summer's Blanchard Mountain fire in the Chuckanuts. Medler is an Associate Professor in Western's Huxley College of the Environment and researches the intersection of fire science and fire policy. read more

Educational Administration Master's Degree Program Expands to B.C.

December 12, 2017inukshuks made of snow

“Western’s program fills a unique need in British Columbia," said program advisor Warren Aller. “We offer a degree in administration that blends Canadian and US educational systems and philosophies. It is this more global perspective where classes are taught by a blend of Canadian and US professors that makes the program unique." read more

The History of Bellingham's Iconic Old City Hall

December 12, 2017towers of Old City Hall

If you've spent at least half an hour in Bellingham, chances are you've spotted a large red Victorian building with a clock tower perched on a bluff overlooking the bay. The Old City Hall, now owned and operated by Whatcom Museum, has a long and storied history. read more

Grad Student Geoffrey Malick's Thesis Work Highlighted in National Geographic

December 7, 2017LIDAR image of river

The research focus of Geology master's student Geoffrey Malick is a large, prehistoric landslide complex near Deming that is bigger than the 2014 Oso landslide. His study investigated both the prehistoric events—their timing, magnitude, and potential triggering events—as well as on-going cracking in the source zone that suggests the potential for future slides of equivalent scale. The slide deposit has been highlighted on the Washington DNR’s web page and has now been picked up by National Geographic, here.

Marika Wright, Rehabilitation Counseling Grad, Shares Experience

December 7, 2017Marika Wright

Marika Wright decided to hit the textbooks three years after graduating from Western Washington University’s Bellingham campus with a Bachelor’s in Communication Sciences and Disorders. This time around, she began classes in 2012 at Western’s Everett location for a Master of Arts in Rehabilitation Counseling. read more

Geology Professor Melissa Rice to Interview Andy Weir

November 27, 2017 Matt Damon in astronaut suit from the film The Martian

Acclaimed novelist Andy Weir, author of The Martian, will be interviewed by Western's Melissa Rice on Wednesday, November 7th, at 7 pm at Bellingham High School. They will be discussing his new book Artemis. Read more. For information about tickets, click here.

Researchers Document Eelgrass Wasting Disease

November 7, 2017Padilla Bay

Researchers, including graduate student Tyler Tran, are busily documenting eelgrass wasting disease in Skagit and San Juan Counties. read more

Inclement Weather and Campus Closure

November 6, 2017 bicycle rimmed with snow

It's early November, yet winter seems to have arrived in the Pacific Northwest. If you're wondering how to find out whether campus is closed due to inclement weather or what measures Western takes to ensure student safety year-round, an article from Western Today will help you feel informed and prepared for what lies ahead in the coming months. read more.

Continuous Enrollment Policy

November 1, 2017 View of autumn foliage on WWU campus

Current graduate students might be curious about the Graduate School's Continuous Enrollment Policy. Graduate students will be required to maintain continuous enrollment, beginning Winter Quarter 2018. The policy benefits graduate students in many ways, including:

• Saving the student money: The cost of GRAD 699 will be $50/credit, with no additional tuition or fees. Previously graduate students were required to register for two credits at full cost the quarter of graduation (over $500 for residents and $1300 for non-residents).

• Allowing students to always remain in Active Status while working on their theses/finishing their programs.

• Maintaining student email accounts for ease of communication with programs/departments/grad school office.

• Preserving/encouraging student access to library services and other WWU amenities such as the Research and Writing Studio.

This means that all graduate students must be enrolled at all times during the duration of their graduate school experience. There will be exceptions, of course, including those graduate students who have been granted an official leave of absence. read more

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