Registration is completed online through Western's Web4U.

New Students

In order to register for the first time, you will need to have activated your Universal Account and provided Measles Immunity documentation to the Student Health Center.

Once you have done that, you can login to MyWestern, select the Web4U link, and access the registration menu.

In order to register for classes, you will need to have the Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) of the sections you want to add to your schedule. If you need to find CRNs, ClassFinder is a convenient way to look them up.

Graduate Students are generally eligible to register during any phase of registration. The one exception to this is Fall Quarter. Phase I of Fall Quarter registration occurs in the Spring and is only available to continuing students. Fall Quarter registration for new graduate students begins with Phase II (generally late August) and continues through the first week of classes (end of Phase III). See Important Dates and Deadlines on the Registrar's Office website for begin and end dates of registration phases.

Please note: If you were an undergraduate student at WWU in the spring and will begin a graduate program in the fall, you are a new graduate student, not a continuing graduate student.


Continuing/Returning Students

In order to login and register, you must have an active student record for that quarter. Students who fail to maintain Continuous Enrollment or receive approval for a leave of absence must reapply for admission to their graduate program using the "Returning Grad Student" program option within the application. Readmission is not guaranteed. Decisions for re-enrollment are made by the academic department. Students may be subject to changes in the degree or additional requirements as deemed necessary by the program.

Please note: If you file a Returning Student Application for Fall Quarter, you will be eligible to register beginning in Phase II (generally late August).

If you want to register for thesis credits, you will need to receive overrides from both your academic department and the Graduate School. Thesis Topic Approval must be on file for overrides to be issued.

Please see Important Dates on the Registrar’s Office website for specific information relating to Phases of registration for upcoming quarters, as well as deadlines for withdrawing from classes and payment of tuition and fees.

If you have difficulty logging in onto Web4U or registering once you are logged in, please see the FAQ, where we address common registration difficulties.

Page Updated 01.07.2019