Recently Completed Thesis projects

2013     Lindsey Aarseth:
Initial Effects of Kinesio Tape on Shoulder Joint Position Sense at Increasing Elevations

2013     Sheryl Gilmore:
Effect of a High-Intensity Isometric Potentiating Warm-Up on Bat Velocity

2013     Karla Landis:
The Effect of Creatine Magnesium Supplementation on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

2012     Summer Huntington:
Effects on Exercise Adherence in Sedentary University Employees after an 8-week Web Based Intervention

2012     Marc Keller:
A Biomechanical Comparison of a Baseball Pitch and First Serve in Tennis

2011     Rahmin Buckman:
The Effects of a Goal Setting Program on the Exercise Commitment and Fitness Levels
of University Students

2011     Megan Cleveland:
The Effect of Core Strength on Long Distance Running Performance

2011     Alexander Harrison:
Postactivation Potentiation: Predictors in NCAA Division II Varsity Track and Field Power Athletes

2011     Courtenay McFadden:
The Effects of Inspiratory Muscle Training on Anaerobic Power in Trained Cyclists

2011     Kelly Jones:
The Influence of Mental Toughness on the Performance of Elite Intercollegiate Athletes

2011     Brian Zuleger:
Leadership Characteristics of Successful NCAA Division I Track and Field Head Coaches

2010     Kelly Broderick:
Length of Exercise History and Depressive Symptoms in Community Dwelling Older Adults

2010     Anuja Choudhari:
Effects of Inspiratory Muscle Training on Heart Rate Variability

2010     Kevin Cronin:
The Effects of Training Status and Exercise Intensity on Plyometric Exercise Volume

2010     Jason Dudley:
The Interrater and Intrarater   Reliability of the Functional Movement Screen

2010     Laura Grambo:
Heavy Elastic vs. White Tape: The Effect of Ankle Taping on Ankle Range of Motion

2010     Teresa Hahn:
Comparing the Effects of Inspiratory Muscle Training and Core Training on Core Muscle Function

2010     Carl Newton:
Effects of Fatigue on Muscle Activation and Shock Attenuation During Barefoot Running

2010     Jonathan Rylaarsdam:
The Effects of Imagery and Positive Self-Review on the Performance of Intercollegiate Basketball Players

2010     Eric Spickler:
Effect of Resistance Training on the Body Composition of Persons with Type II Diabetes

2010     Matt Sweeny:
Comparison of Linear and Daily Undulating Periodization in Resistance Training Using Simple Measures of Overreaching

2010     Liza Teichler:
The Relationship between Bat Velocity, Upper and Lower Extremity Power, and the Rotational Kinetic Chain in NCAA Division II Softball Players

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