Jake Merrill Outdoor Leadership Scholarship


The Jake Merrill Outdoor Leadership Scholarship was established to honor Jake Merrill’s commitment to education and to quality outdoor leadership. Each year an award will be made to a student(s) who demonstrates financial need, potential in the area of outdoor leadership, and a commitment to the development of community through outdoor engagement.

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Application Process: The following scholarship application materials must be submitted to Sherena Geariety (CV 102) by Friday, April 10, 2015.

1. A completed Scholarship Application Form
2. A short essay addressing the following criteria (not to exceed 1000 words):

  1. Outstanding potential in the field of outdoor leadership
  2. Financial need
  3. A commitment to using outdoor leadership to develop and foster a strong sense of community

3. An unofficial transcript / academic history (minimum 3.0 GPA required)
4. Three letters of recommendation (may not be from a Recreation faculty member)

If you have any questions, please contact Katey Roemmele at 360-650-3782 or katey.roemmele@wwu.edu.

Congratulations to Jasmine Wilhelm, last year's recipient for the 2014 Jake Merrill Outdoor Leadership Scholarship!

We couldn't be more proud to give this first scholarship to such a worthy recipient. Jasmine has given well-received TEDxWWU talks, has been on the Presidents List multiple times with her 3.83 GPA, and wants to serve youth through wilderness and art therapy. Here is an excerpt from her application:

"I want to share and foster that sense of empowerment that accomplishing feats outside can give a person. I am especially interested in sharing my love for the outdoors with underserved youth because I know first-hand how impactful that experience can be and I truly believe that everyone deserves the chance to experience the majesty of nature. I want to help build self-efficacy and pride in participants."

Marli Williams also has warm words to share in her recommendation letter for Jasmine:

"Jasmine is passionate about helping people, listening to their stories and creating community. She takes the time to ask people how they are doing with the intention of really wanting to know. She cares deeply about those around her and making a positive difference in the lives of others. Jasmine is one of the most empathetic and understanding people I know."


Additional Scholarships

There are also three other scholarships available to Recreation students:

The Recreation Program Legacy Scholarship is available to Recreation majors only. (Please see below for the complete description and application process.) Recreation majors are also eligible for two HHD departmental scholarships: Double-Eagle III (with preference to students whose emphasis is in Recreation) and Willis Ball Memorial. For additional information on how to apply to these two HHD scholarships, click here.

Recreation Program Legacy Scholarship 2015

The Legacy Scholarship honors students in previous Recreation Program Phases who have made continuing contributions to the fund to help offset the costs associated with Recreation Majors’ internships. Over the past several years, Phase IV students have raised over $10,000 dollars for the current Legacy Scholarship fund though their fundraising efforts. The scholarship award for each year depends on available funds, but typically ranges from $250 to $650.

To qualify, students must:

  • Be a Recreation Major
  • Successfully complete Phase II

Further, applicants will be evaluated based on:

  • Demonstration of financial need
  • The coherence between the internship and the applicant’s career goals

In some cases consideration may also be given to academic history and/or phase involvement.  Award decisions are made by a selection committee comprised of Recreation Program faculty.

The following scholarship application materials must be submitted to Katey Roemmele in the Recreation Program Office by Thursday, March 5, 2015.

  1. A completed Recreation Program Scholarship Form
  2. An unofficial transcript/academic history
  3. Three letters of recommendation (may not be from a Recreation faculty member)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either Katey Roemmele at 360-650-3782 / katey.roemmele@wwu.edu or Randy Burtz at 360-650-7572 / randall.burtz@wwu.edu.

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