What Should Strong Applicants to Teacher Education Demonstrate?

  1. Much weight is given to experiences with adolescents in a variety of settings as a key indicator of success as a teacher. Typically, students will obtain this experience through volunteering as mentors, tutors, and school aides as well as through selective paid jobs. Students should not expect History faculty to be aware of all opportunities in these areas and should rely on staff and faculty from the individual certification program for suggestions. Information on student-based volunteer programs offered through the Woodring College of Education is available at www.wce.wwu.edu under Tutoring Programs.
  2. Multicultural understandings are also highly valued for admission to certification programs. Students should be aware that their personal, work, volunteer, and academic experiences may serve in this capacity. Again, beyond the academic major, students are themselves responsible for developing this component of their "profile." They should check with teacher education staff and faculty for guidelines and opportunities, who may suggest that students explore student-based volunteer programs offered through the Woodring College of Education.
  3. A strong record in the academic major and overall academic profile.; For example, Woodring College of Education at Western has a minimum standard of a 2.75 GPA in the last 45 graded credit hours or overall graded college-level course work. The applicant pool for social studies is highly competitive and realistically, students with a 3.0 or higher are more likely to gain admission than students with a 3.0 or lower.
Page Updated 05.18.2012