Internship Information

Important Documents
  • Internship Application (Word)
  • Midway Intern Rating Sheet (PDF, Word)
  • Final Intern Rating Sheet (PDF, Word)


A field internship is one of the most important undertakings in the student's entire college program and deserves the very best. Students who do not invest the utmost in effort do themselves and the college an injustice. In a sense, this is a test of the learning, the capacity, the sincerity of purpose and determination, and the professionalism of the student. Nothing less than top performance should be expected, and the intern should not overlook the importance of a good letter of recommendation from the supervisor. It will be of great value for job applicants.

The internship (Journ 430) is required in the news-editorial, public relations, visual journalism sequences and environmental studies/journalism major, and typically is done between the junior and senior years. Increasingly, however, students elect to do an internship during the academic year, and some take their internship as their last quarter before graduation. You should consult with the faculty intern adviser as you decide your timing. A minimum of 240 working hours is required to complete the internship, and in most cases the internship does not allow time to take other classes.

The internship requirement will be waived only for substantial professional experience. A waiver will require the student to take six credits of journalism electives in place of the internship. Major status is required to register for an internship.
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