Mission and Roles

The mission of Western Washington University’s (WWU) University Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Advocacy Council is to foster a safe, supportive, and inclusive educational environment by promoting awareness and understanding of LGBT issues and by advocating for the distinctive needs and concerns of LGBT students, faculty, and staff.

The LGBT Advocacy Council (LGBTAC) is a university committee composed of faculty and staff, with student representation, who meet on a regular basis and serve the needs and interests of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex and Ally population on Western's campus.

The University LGBT Advocacy Council has the following roles:

  1. to foster an environment that supports LGBT students in their growth and development in order to achieve academic and personal success;
  2. to support and advocate for LGBT students, faculty, and staff as they address issues of safety/ hostility and discrimination/inclusion in the university community and its broader community;
  3. to serve as an advocate and resource for WWU students, faculty, staff, and campus organizations by supporting diversity and anti-discrimination policies;
  4. to promote the use of current and accurate information about LGBT individuals and issues, and, in general, the use of inclusive language within both the academic and social contexts of the university community and its broader community.

LGBT Advocacy Council Members

Council Position Officer Officer's University Department Phone
Chair of LGBTAC Joanne DeMark Western Leadership Advantage—L.E.A.D.S. 360-650-4187
Co-Chair of LGBTAC Marli Williams Student Outreach Coordinator (Academic Support Coordinator) 360-650-7592
Secretary/Web Derek Murakami Residence Life 360-650-6211
Finance & Development Ronna Biggs New Student Services & Family Outreach 360-650-2441
Council Position Member Member's University Department Phone
Member-at-Large Raine Dozier Human Services 360-650-2052
Student Representative Jordan Deal A.S. R.O.P. Queer Resource Center 360-650-6120

All campus community LGBT faculty, staff, and allies are invited to be a part of the Council. The Council has a core group of eleven voting members, and five committees that anyone can join:

Council Committee Chair Chair's Univeristy Department Phone
Institutional Commitment to LGBT Issues Rich Brown Theater Arts 360-650-7320
Integrate LGBT Issues into Curriculum & Pedagogy Craig Dunn Management (CBE) 360-650-2593
Attract and Retain LGBTQ Faculty, Staff and Students Pam Large Art 360-650- 4323
Provide Educational Programming & Training on LGBT Issues Natalie Washington Admissions 360-650-3437
Create Safe Spaces for Dialogue and Interaction Stephanie Zee Residence Life 360-650-4927

Contact the committe chairs for information on joining the committees.

While it is the University’s responsibility to ensure that LGBT students, faculty and staff and their issues matter, the Council and these committees provide strategic direction, guidance, consultation and support to the University. The Council meets at least once/ quarter during the academic year.

Annual Reports

The LGBTAC annually completes a summary report of committee activities and submits the report to the Special Assistant to the President for Diversity’s office, the Vice President for Student Affairs and Academic Support Services’ office, and the Equal Opportunity Office. Contact the LBGTAC Chair for details.

Campus Climate Index & Reports

The most recent assessment is the State of Higher Education for LGBT People which is a comprehensive national research. The report documents experiences of over 5000 students, faculty, staff and administrators who identify as LGBTQQ at colleges and universities across the United States. Recommendations and findings from the national study provide the means for student activists, campus program planners and policy makers to implement strategic initiatives to address the needs and concerns of their LGBTQQ students and employees. To learn more visit http://www.campuspride.org/research/.

This survey tool focuses on assessing current policies and practices, but does not gather information on attitudes and perceptions. Western is in a strong ranking position and the LGBTAC will use this information to help shape future programs and recommendations.

You can also review a 1992 project study conducted at Western by Dr. Pat Fabiano entitled “Building Connections and Community with Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Students on a Rural University Campus for Effective Sexual Health Promotion.”

Page Updated 11.22.2017