Kinesiology and Physical Education Program

NOTICE FOR STUDENTS INTENDING TO DECLARE A KINESIOLOGY MAJOR:  The current demand for the Kinesiology major far exceeds the human and physical capacities of the Kinesiology program. Starting February 5, 2015, and lasting for one year, no students will be allowed to declare the Kinesiology pre-major.  The Kinesiology program is developing a selection process for admission into the pre-major, which will be implemented when the suspension of the wait list ends in Winter quarter 2016.  Students in need of advising regarding course and college major selection, in place of declaring the Kinesiology major, should contact Academic Advising Center at 360-650-3850. Students interested in health-related career and professional advising should contact Western’s Career Services Center at 360-650-3240.


The Kinesiology and Physical Education (KPE) Program is one of three programs in the Department of Physical Education, Health and Recreation. There are three degrees offered: B.S. Kinesiology, B.A.E. Physical Education and Health P-12, M.S. Kinesiology.

The Kinesiology major is in very high demand at Western. WWU students are strongly urged to declare the Kinesiology major early in order to be connected with a departmental advisor and to develop a plan of study. Once declared as a major, however, students are not assured access to courses offered in the Kinesiology major until they have accumulated a significant number of credits, allowing them to register when there is space open in the desired classes. It is often not until late in the junior year or at the start of the senior year that students can start the core classes required in the Kinesiology major due to its popularity. Some required and elective courses for the Kinesiology major that are offered in other departments can be taken prior to Kinesiology courses. Due to very high enrollment and limited state funding, the time to degree for a major in the Kinesiology may be extended beyond the normal period. Please declare your major as soon as possible, and seek advising early and often!

Program Advisors

General questions regarding the Kinesiology and Physical Education Program can be sent to Dr. Gordon Chalmers (360) 650-3113,

Questions regarding specific areas of study:

Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Health Care Professions

Dr. Gordon Chalmers (360) 650-3113
Dr. Michelle Mielke (360) 650-4277
Dr. Dave Suprak (360) 650-2586,

Movement Studies

Dr. Gordon Chalmers (360) 650-3113
Dr. Dave Suprak (360) 650-2586,

Health and Fitness Specialist

Dr. Lorrie Brilla (360) 650-3056,

Sport Psychology

Dr. Linda Keeler (360) 650-3514,

Physical Education and Health P-12

Stacy Halbakken (360) 650-6231,

Graduate Program

Dr. Lorrie Brilla (360) 650-3056,

Transfer Credit Advisor

Dr. Michelle Mielke (360) 650-4277,

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