Every Wednesday at 5:30
Rudy's Pizzeria
1232 North State Street
Bellingham, WA 98225


@ Western Washington University


Welcome, we are WWU's Philosophy Club

Are you interested in philosophy? Do often find yourself asking the "deep" questions? Come join us every Wednesday at 5:30 PM for pizza and philosophizing at Rudy's Pizza!

About the Club

WWU’s Philosophy Club has been a tradition since 1992--twenty two years! On Wednesday evenings, students (and sometimes faculty) hang out and talk philosophy over pizza and drinks. As is tradition, we meet at Rudy’s Pizza in downtown Bellingham at 5:30. In addition to our weekly meeting, we hold various events throughout the year (see 'Events' below) - most notably, each year our top students organize our nationally recognized Northwest Student Philosophy Conference.


[X ] WWU Philosophy Club Diversity Panel; featuring Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins, Kenny Easwaren, Ned Markosian, and Mary Janell Metzger. A discussion in which the previously mentioned panelists discuss the state of diversity within philosophy. Topics include the current state of diversity within the discipline, implicit and overt discrimination, and strategies to increase diversity. November 22nd AW 204 @ 4:30 PM

[] Northwest Student Philosophy Conference! Our 12th annual conference will be Memorial Day weekend, more information below, here: http://philevents.org/event/show/12658 and available upon request--email drapeln@students.wwu.edu. Submission deadline for papers is March 12th, 2014!

[] The other philosophy club on campus, the Theistic Thinkers, is co-hosting Linda Zagzebski for the annual Bellingham Lecture in Philosophy and Religion. Her talk will address the question 'Is it reasonable to believe in God?'; there will be a follow-up Q&A. The event will be held at the at WWU, in Arntzen 100, March 6, 4-6pm. For questions contact an officer of the Theistic Thinkers, or visit their OrgSync page: https://orgsync.com/61081/news_posts/62601

[ ] Late February there will be two senior students giving presentations as part of the Student Speaker Series--more information soon!

Northwest Student Philosophy Conference

The Northwest Student Philosophy Conference (NWSPC) is organized by undergraduate students and aims to showcase the philosophical research of undergraduate, graduate and professional philosophers. In the last several years, we have been privileged to host Meghan Sullivan (2013), Carrie Jenkins and Jonathan Ichikawa (2012), Kris McDaniel (2011), Ben Bradley (2010), Kit Fine (2009), Michael Rea (2009), Dean Zimmerman (2008) and Jonathan Schaffer (2007) as keynote and guest speakers. We're happy to announce that our keynote speaker for the 2014 conference is Alex Guerrero of University of Pennsylvania!

See photos of the 2011 Conference >>

Contact our Board

President: Nathan Drapela
Vice President: Emily Beszhak
Budget Authority:John Rosenbaum