Policy List

1000 University Administration

POL-U1000.01 Vision and Mission Statement

POL-U1000.02 BOT Rules of Operation

POL-U1000.03 BOT Delegations of Authority

POL-U1000.04 BOT Executive Action

POL-U1000.05 BOT Conflict of Interest

POL-U1000.06 Scheduling of Facilities by Off-Campus Groups

POL-U1000.09 Reimbursing BOT Members

POL-U1000.10 Developing and Maintaining University Policies

POL-U1000.11 Developing and Maintaining University Provisions of the Washington Administrative Code

POL-U1000.12 Reporting Communicable Diseases

POL-U1000.13 Providing Immigration Information

POL-U1000.15 Administering the State Employee Whistleblower Act

POL-U1300.01 Requiring Proof of Rubeola Measles Immunity

POL-U1400.01 Student Fees- Off-Campus Group Access

POL-U1400.02 Establishing Tuition Rates and Fee for Summer Session

POL-U1400.03 Establishing and Changing Course and Lab Fees

POL-U1400.04 Administering and Spending Course and Lab Fees

POL-U1400.05 Establishing and Changing Service Fees

POL-U1400.06 Assessing Mandatory Student Fees

POL-U1400.07 Managing and Reporting Tuition Waivers

POL-U1500.01 Establishing Internal Audit Activities

POL-U1500.02 Distributing Internal Audit Schedule

POL-U1500.03 Creating and Finalizing Internal Audit Reports

POL-U1500.04 Distributing Draft Internal Audit Reports

POL-U1500.05 Distributing Final Internal Audit Reports

POL-U1500.06 Requesting Copies of Internal Audit Reports

POL-U1500.07 Creating Written Responses to Final Draft Internal Audit Reports

POL-U1600.01 Requesting an Appointment of Opportunity

POL-U1600.02 Ensuring Equal Opportunity and Prohibiting Discrimination and Retaliation

POL-U1600.03 Accommodating Persons with Disabilities

POL-U1600.04 Preventing and Responding to Sex Discrimination Including Sexual Misconduct

POL-U1600.05 Implementing Affirmative Action Program

POL- U1600.06 Prohibiting Consensual Intimate Relationships Between Supervisors and Supervisees


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