Key Collaborative Directions from Academic Affairs 2010-11

Improved Information (student/faculty/budget): Ming Zhang, Deb Jusak, Barbara Fasser
  • Ensure quality of internal data for reporting and analysis by working with owners of student and faculty/staff data such as registrar and human resource and providing “quality control” checks on data.
  • Identify, collect, and analyze external data sources such as National Center for Education Statistics (IPEDS), the U.S. Census Bureau, the Higher Education Coordinating Board, and Office of Financial Management in the State of Washington to build national/or regional benchmark data system that supports the administration to make informed or data-driven decisions.
  • Serve and support WWU community by providing accurate, reliable, and relevant data/information in a timely fashion; work with Administrative Computing Services (ADMC) to build customized data reports/ or web portals, including KPIs.
  • Continue building our knowledge of various data such as human resource and student financial aid to facilitate or improve IPEDS reporting and analysis; create a standard database that captures historical HR snapshots reported to external agencies. This approach ensures consistency in that everyone pulls data from the same source.
  • Develop in-depth research reports about topics and issues of interest to the University such as student graduation process, class size, and faculty work load.
  • Develop budgeting processes that support college’s autonomy in decisions involving their resources including funding of faculty (TT, NTT) and staff.
  • Develop reports that support facile and responsive budget processes. The processes will provide for input from academic leaders and shared governance groups.
  • Create transparent budget processes and communications to the WWU community that clearly shows the flow of resources within academic affairs.
  • Serve and support the academic division by providing accurate, reliable, and relevant data/information in a timely fashion; work with appropriate staff to build customized data reports from the new Millennium Data Warehouse.
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