Key Collaborative Directions from Academic Affairs 2010-11

Equipment Replacement Strategy—a long term multi-year plan: Arlan Norman and Dan Guyette
  • Goals:
    • Inventory the Academic Affairs non-IT equipment and instrumentation (EI) assets.
    • Devise a sustainable-over-time system for tracking EI assets.
    • Determine a replacement schedule for equipment and instruments.
    • Establish an annual and biennial cost structure for the replacement schedule.
    • Propose specific budget-related and development program responses for replacements.
  • Current Activities:
    • Establish a faculty/staff EI replacement task force.
    • Pursue resources needed to support equipment and instrumentation (technology) audit.
    • Examine EI needs in context of the current or expanded course fee structure.
    • Integrate selected EI needs into campus short- and long-term development planning schemes.
    • Exploit state and federal agency EI funding opportunities.
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