Key Collaborative Directions from Academic Affairs 2010-11

Global Awareness and Action: Roger Gilman and Brent Carbajal
  • Goals for Global Awareness and Action Initiative:
    • Create an International Studies operational framework to serve the needs of students, faculty, staff, and the world.
    • Enhance and support global curriculum in a thoughtful, coherent and thorough manner.
    • Both on campus and abroad, provide innovative instructional opportunities associated with global competency.
    • Make WWU a destination for and center of global awareness, cultural understanding, and international experience.
    • Attract funding to support the initiative.
  • Current Activities:
    • Seeking input from Faculty Senate through discussion and amendment of the International Studies Whitepaper.
    • Seeking input from the Academic colleges as well as the Library.
  • Next Steps:
    • Recommend a structure through which Global Awareness and Action programs and services might best be administered. This could involve the creation of a “center” or “school,” but could also simply translate into a broad set of competencies and learning outcomes across campus.
    • Increase the amount and availability of “study abroad” scholarships for students.
    • Provide guidance and assistance to faculty, staff, and students interested in participating in the beginning stages of development of the initiative.
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