Key Collaborative Directions from Academic Affairs 2010-11

Clean Energy (renewable energy, solar collectors, green transportation): Brad Smith and Arlie Norman
  • Goals for renewable energy initiative:
    • Make WWU an energy innovation institute through a regional, focused academic program in the science, policy, and technology of renewable energy.
    • Harness the private sector in this academic program by taking advantage of local expertise through the uncommonly high density of renewable energy businesses in Whatcom and Skagit counties.
    • Attract the best and brightest students from the state and nation to become the entrepreneurs and leaders of the emerging renewable energy marketplace.
    • Talking points on renewable energy academic program
  • Current Activities:
    • Establish awareness of this developing program at the state level from the top down through communication by the President and Provost.
    • Develop curricula from the bottom up via a faculty task force involving active, engaged professors in chemistry, environmental science, and economics.
    • Begin fund raising via philanthropic and public sources through a developer dedicated to this project by the Western Foundation.
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