Strategic Planning 2017

Welcome to Western’s strategic planning homepage. Currently we are working on Western’s new strategic plan. The pages you see here are showing information related to this process, and we will be adding material over time.

Once the strategic plan is adopted, this page will include links to the plan itself, as well as to the planning process, indicators of our progress in achieving our goals and objectives, and comparative data from our aspirational peer institutions.

We hope you find the information here useful. If you have questions or comments, please e-mail us at


Strategic Plan Draft - January 2018


Strategic Plan Draft - October 2017

Draft Goals and Objectives - Spring 2017



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President’s Charge to the Strategic Planning Committee

I charge the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) with the development of a process that
will culminate in the drafting of a new strategic plan for Western Washington University.
Among other elements as appropriate, this process should include environmental scanning, the
facilitation of listening sessions with constituents both on and off campus, information
gathering, synthesis, and then the actual writing of the plan itself. The development of the new
plan should be characterized by transparency and inclusivity, informed by contexts both
internal and external to Western.

* The new plan should derive from the University’s core values and mission and build upon
University’s past success. The committee may want to examine university’s current vision
and mission statement as part of this process. Please also refer to the “Strategic Plan:
Guiding Thoughts” document.

* The new plan should be relatively brief, approximately 10 pages in length, and contain
some three to five specific goals and associated objectives, with related metrics. The
committee is asked to establish a new peer institution list that would help drive
establishing stretch goals for the institution.

* The new plan should be aspirational so that it can inform and inspire the university’s next
capital campaign.

* It is intended that the new plan set priorities and inform decisions regarding resource
allocation from AY2017-18 through AY2023-24, to also align with the next accreditation

* The plan should be vetted through the University Planning and Resource Council (UPRC),
with regular updates given to that body. Regular updates to the President should be
made on a schedule to be determined. The draft plan shall be submitted to the President,
with appropriate feedback from the UPRC, the Faculty Senate and the Dean’s Council, by
June 16, 2017, to give the opportunity to seek additional input from the Board of Trustees
and external stakeholders over the summer and so that adoption and implementation can
begin during the 2017-18 academic year.

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