Preparing for an Appointment

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Preparation Advice

For an in-depth explanation of what to expect from the first meeting with an advisor, watch this video by John Rodenberg of the Tacoma SBDC.

Meeting with an advisor provides businesses with additional tools and advice that can guide the future success of the endeavor. All information pertaining to the business is kept completely confidential.

Information on a variety of topics is available to established business and start-up companies. If the necessary information is not available through the SBDC, the business will be directed to a resource with the appropriate information.

Making an Appointment

To book an appointment with a business advisor, please call 360-778-1762

Clients with established businesses should provide the following documents prior to their appointment:

  • A basic business plan that reflects the current company objectives
  • 1-3 years of recent financial statements

Clients who are looking to start a business should provide the following documents prior to their appointment:

  • A rough, written business plan that gives an overview of the business
  • 1 year of financial projections

These documents should be mailed, dropped off, or emailed to the SBDC office at least 4 days prior to the appointment. This allows the advisor to be familiar with the business and make the most use of the appointment.

Page Updated 12.17.2015