Department of Sociology at Western Washington University

Sociology is an area of study that is unfamiliar to many incoming students because it is seldom taught in high school. It is a vibrant discipline that allows students to develop both personally and professionally. As a sociology major you will have the opportunity to learn how humans behave and interact in groups—whether small groups like families or large groups like religious organizations. You will also learn how one’s position in the larger society (youth or elderly, man or woman, poor or rich) shapes life chances and experiences from the cradle to the grave.

About Our Department

The Faculty and Staff of our department are dedicated to providing quality instruction in several specialized areas of study in Sociology. The four major specializations in our department include Family and the Life Course, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Population Studies, and Social Organization/ Social Inequality. We pride ourselves on working closely with our students and strive to keep them informed about What's New in the department. We also hope to hear from past, current, and prospective students.

For information about our four areas of study, including program options for majors and minors, see Plans of Study. See Classes & Registration for class schedules and registration information and see this page for information for Prospective Students.

As part of our dedication to high quality instruction, our department offers a comprehensive Advising Program. Included here is information for Prospective Students, information for Currently Enrolled Students, and information about Career Options.

The department has a number of resources that benefit both faculty and students. The Office of Survey Research provides support for high quality survey research, including a CATI laboratory. The Center for Social Science Instruction provides access to thousands of data bases through ICPSR, as well as assistance with computing and statistical analysis. See Guides and Resources for student writing guides, links to Sociology journals, and other web resources.

We invite you to explore this site for further information about our department. If you have any questions, please contact our Undergraduate Advisor or the Department Chair.

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