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Spring 2014

Outstanding Graduating Senior




Outstanding Graduating Senior

The Sociology Department has named Carter Anderson the Outstanding Graduating Senior. You can see her profile at the College of Humanities and Social Science webpage here!



The first department reunion was held on May 17th as part of Back to Bellingham. Approximately 50 alumni, family, and friends joined the entire Sociology faculty for wine, snacks, and music by Garrett and the Sheriffs (featuring sociology major/drummer Peter Erickson)!





The second annual SOCiable event was a great success! Over 20 students presented posters of their research, internships, and travel abroad. There was a presentation by students from the Winter 2014 service learning trip in Kenya and Rwanda. Eighteen students were inducted into the Sociology honor society. Two students received Mallard’s gift certificates for outstanding joke and haiku writing! And 6 students were awarded scholarships.

Sociable 2


The following posters were presented as part of the SOCiable program.

Carter Anderson, Paul Hemez, and Jasmine Strode-Elfant: “Relationship between Military and Fertility”

Zach Brusseau: “Who’s on Top: A Study of the Racial Hierarchy in Gay Minority Males”

Alice Chang: “Are all Men Really the Same? An Analysis on Sexual Orientation and Interracial Dating Preferences”

Emily Chung: “Who Would You Date? An Analysis of Interracial Dating Preferences Among Men and Women”

Lisa Espedal: “Interracial Dating: The Effects of Education on Hispanics’ Willingness to Cross the Color Line”

Campbell Flewelling: “Is Beauty Really Skin Deep? An Analysis of Skin Tone’s Effects on Interracial Dating Preference”

Austin Hill: “Preferences for a Mate of Those Who Online Date”

Ian Hovley: “Dating Outside One’s Color Pallet: An Analysis of Skin Tone’s Effect on Interracial Dating Practices among Blacks and Hispanic/Latinos”

Alysia Kang: “Smarts Over Hearts? An Analysis on the Influence of Education on Hispanic Dating Preferences”

Clinton Kvistad: “The Toxicity of the Ideal Body in Gay Men’s Culture”

Leah Laitala: “Region, Race, and Romance: An Analysis of Region of Residence’s Effects on Interracial Dating Preferences”

Kelsey McDaniel: “Out of His League: An Analysis of Education’s Effects on Interracial Dating Preferences”

Keneilwe Motlana: “Crossing State Lines: An Analysis of Interracial Dating Preferences Comparing the South to the West”

Courtney Neufeld: “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself: An Analysis on Religious Differences Effects on Interracial Dating Preferences”

Hayley-Nina Penor: “What Makes them Click?  Effect of Gender on the Willingness of Latinos to Interracially Date”

Onaleisha Petty: “Colorism Worse Than Racism? An Analysis of Skin Tone and its Effect on Dating Preferences”

Clarisa Sandoval: “Maintaining the Status Quo: An Analysis on Political Orientation’s Effects on Interracial Dating Preferences”

Julia Sheldon, Peter Erickson, Ben Woodworth: “What Difference Do We Make? Impacts of an International Service Learning Program on Kenyan Perceptions of Life in the United States”

Jake Tarrence: “Older Yet Bolder: The Impact of Age on the Interracial Dating Patterns of Gay Hispanic Males”


The following 17 students were inducted into the Sociology honor society Alpha Kappa Delta. Congratulations!

Eli J. Blauser, Chelsi A. Brown, Zachary S. Brusseau, Hannah M. Clarke, Molly J. Dynes, Amy E. Garland, Paul F. Hemez, Margeaux S. Hushagen, Kelly R. Isaac, Shannon M. Larsen, Sarah C. Moses, Courtney N. Neufeld, Onaleisha N. Petty, Caylyn G.J. Rolph-Tate, Clarisa Sandoval, Jasmine K. Strode-Elfant, Sara M. Whiteley


If you’re interested in finding out more about AKD, visit the national website ( and look for the application next winter, which we’ll announce over the list serve and post in the newsletter

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