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Winter 2014

Message from the WWU SOC CLUB President Megan Schrupp

SOC Students Presenting at March 2014 PSA Meeting

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Message from the WWU SOC CLUB President Megan Schrupp

This last summer Kevin Yen and I were discussing our growing anxiety of our soon approaching graduation date and still not knowing exactly what we wanted to do. We weren’t sure how we would use our sociology degree once we did actually graduate. In the last year we had started “sociology dinners” which had cultivated a small group of sociology majors to get together for dinner once every couple of weeks. We thought there were definitely more sociology majors out there that shared the same feelings, so why not start a club to build a community and get excited about sociology. At least then, we’d have each other.

This year the club propelled itself from weekly dinners to becoming officially recognized by Western and putting on events and hosting club meetings. WWU Sociology Association (SOC CLUB) is currently being led by Kevin Yen, Taylor Dootson, and myself. Our hope is to build a foundation of unity and to strengthen the sense of community among current sociology majors and hopeful majors; the goal is to build stronger connections and friendships to ultimately make pursuing a sociology major more enjoyable and resourceful post-graduation. We recognize the difficulties and opportunities in pursuing a sociology degree, especially with a student body consisting of hugely diverse groups of individuals with a wide range and scope of interests. We are missing a sense of a community of sociology majors, and it is our hope that we can bring us all together within a common interest of sociology. And eventually we hope to open up the club to provide an easy tool for service learning and connecting with Bellingham community more effectively.

In that search for a larger sense of community we've created the WWU Sociology Association in order to help facilitate and ease some of the concerns that accompany being a sociology major.

During fall quarter we put on three successful events and had a handful of meetings. In our first official event we found a passionate sociology alumni whom was able come back and address many of the fears associated with being a sociology major, and about how she was able to apply her degree from Western in helping Patty Murray run a successful political campaign. At the same event we also held an exhibit of posters from senior capstone classes so under classmen may understand the intricacies of becoming a sociologist.

WSA also co-sponsored the co-founders of Food Not Bombs to come talk about food sustainability and how they started a successful nonprofit organization that now helps feed thousands across the world. And lastly, co-sponsored a movie showing with Students for Sustainable Drug Policy called: “How To Make Money Selling Drugs” that looked into current drug laws in the United States and how the war on drugs is progressively losing.

Winter Quarter will prove to be more exciting. We plan to work closely with other clubs to host even more events, and start up a peer advising program organized by students who have the sociology experience and knowledge in order to aid interested students plan their course path. Of course we are always looking for new members and are taking any sort of support or suggestions.

We love sociology and we want you to as well.

Join us on Facebook to hear about the meetings and events we will be hosting throughout the year.


Megan Schrupp

WSA President


SOC Students Presenting at the March 2014 PSA Meeting

Four Sociology students will be presenting at the March 2014 Pacific Sociological Association Meeting.

Jake Tarrence will present his study entitled, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Gender Stereotypes Associated with Binge Drinking." His research examines whether a double standard exists between women and men when it comes to alcohol consumption. Because heavy alcohol consumption is often viewed to be a more masculine behavior, Jake believes that women who engage in this particular activity will be perceived more negatively compared to their male counterparts. His results revealed that respondents who held more traditional views on gender roles perceived female binge drinkers as being less intelligent. He also found that binge drinkers in general, were seen as being less socially desirable, less popular and more promiscuous. 

Jake will be graduating in Spring 2014 with a double major in Sociology and Psychology. He will be applying to various Ph.D. programs in Sociology. His most recent co-authoried manuscript with Professor Tsunokai was accepted for publication at Asian American Society: An Encyclopedia.

Carter Anderson, Paul Hemez and Jasmine Strode-Elfant have a poster accepted for presentation at the PSA meeting, entitled "A Note on the Relationship between Military Service and Childbearing."

Currently over 200,000 women serve on active duty in the military and have become a vital component of national security. Yet, we know very little about the consequences of military service for the life course outcomes of women who serve. There is a growing literature on the consequences of service for men (Kelty, Kleykamp, and Segal 2010; MacLean and Elder 2007; Wilmoth and London, 2013) that is not matched for women (but see Segal 2005; Kelty, Kleykamp, and Segal 2010). In this article, we address one component of the consequences of military service for women - childbearing. We also assess whether the effect of military service on childbearing is different for men. READ MORE


Sociology Honors Society

The Sociology Department here at Western houses a chapter of the International Sociology Honors Society (Alpha Kappa Delta). Every May during the Sociology Department's SOCiable we initiate juniors and seniors who meet the qualifications and apply. It’s a lifetime membership for a one-time fee of $40, but no annual dues. (The Sociology department has set aside some limited funds to defray the cost for a few students.)

Complete the Sociology Honors Society Application and return by February 14, 2014 to Jen Lois - Mail Stop 9081, or place directly in her mail box, AH 510.

See the National AKD Website to find out more about it.



Sociology Scholarship Opportunities

Four awards will be granted by the Sociology department in Spring 2014 for the next academic year (2014-2015.)

  • Ingeborg Paulus Scholarship (academic merit): $2000
  • Demography Scholarship (academic merit): $1000
  • Blalock Scholarship for Outstanding Community Service: $1500

All will be cash awards to be credited toward tuition and processed through the university. To be eligible, recipients must be Sociology majors enrolled as full-time students during at least one quarter during the Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring of the 2014-2015 academic year.

The application deadline is April 21, 2014

Qualified students who are interested should complete the application and submit by April 21, 2014 to Dr. Jen Lois's mailbox in Arntzen Hall 510. The Sociology scholarship committee will consider several criteria. See page 2 of the application for specific requirements.

The recipients of these awards will be announced on or before May 15, 2014.


Faculty Updates

Ron Helms' article on Jail Mental Health has just been published in an open access journal, Sociology Mind. See Public Sector Responses to Jail Mental Health: A Review with Recomendations for Future Research.

Jay Teachman and Lucky Tedrow have had the following paper accepted for publication in the journal Social Science Research: Delinquent Behavior, the Transition to Adulthood, and the Likelihood of Military Enlistment.


Graduation Procedures

Here are application deadlines for this years graduating seniors:

  • Winter 2014 late applications: Due February 14
  • Spring 2014 late applications: Due May 9
  • Summer 2014 priority applications: Due March 14
  • Fall 2014 priority applications: Due June 6

Please make an appointment with Andrea Osborn for a Major/Minor Evaluation. An appointment schedule is posted outside her door, AH 513; or you can email to set up a time.

Submit your Degree Application to the Registrar's Office, along with your major/minor evaluation. And celebrate!

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