Welcome to Shannon Point

The Shannon Point Marine Center (SPMC) supports and promotes Western Washington University’s instructional and research programs in the marine sciences; provides access to facilities for visiting scientists from around the world; supports supervised, independent research for undergraduates nationwide via federally-funded programs; and promotes ocean literacy among the general public through targeted K-12 and public education initiatives. In support of these efforts, SPMC has developed excellent facilities for field and laboratory instruction and research, as well as a long-term physical and chemical water quality database. The local marine environment is characterized by a wide variety of habitat types that in turn support a rich diversity of marine life. SPMC invites you to explore the opportunities for study of marine science described in more detail throughout this web site.

  • a trolling boat in the fog
  • a fire on the beach with the sun setting in the background
  • a women and a man investigate seaweed on a rocky shore while another woman takes notes
  • three students digging in mud flats