Activity (2012-2016)

Western Washington University Courses

During the period 2012-2016, a total of 18 different courses were offered at SPMC for credit, contributing to the core mission of the University. Courses included Oceanography, Fisheries Biology, Marine Ecology, Aquatic Ecology, Fisheries Management Laboratory, Algae, Marine Invertebrates, Estuarine Ecology, Fundamentals of Marine Science, Ichthyology, Environmental Research, Marine Biology, Marine Pollution and Toxicology, Plankton Ecology, Pelagic Ecology, Benthic Ecology, Ecology of Invasive Species, Sediment Biogeochemistry, Marine Invertebrate Larvae, a number of Current Trends in Marine Science topics and Marine Habitat Diversity.

Total annual enrollments ranged from 124-154 during the period, with credits offered ranging annually from 512-711 (total: 2969). SPMC also hosted field trips for other courses at WWU including Paleontology, Oceanography, Invertebrates, Terrestrial Ecology and courses in the Arts, which averaged 44 students per year (35 in 2016).


Field Trips for Other Educational Institutions

A consortium of local public institutions including Skagit Valley, Edmonds, and Everett Community Colleges, as well as other local academic institutions, accessed the facilities for field trips each year (serving an average of 146 students per year). Over the 5-year period, SPMC hosted field trips for a total of 399 students from these and other community and local colleges, and public education groups. These included groups from Eastern Washington University, Samish Indian Nation, Northwest Indian College, Walla Walla College, Padilla Bay NERR Interpretive Center, Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, Seattle University and the Heritage Academy (Portland). In addition, short courses, workshops and symposia offered at SPMC served approximately 1684 visitors over the five year period.


Supervised independent undergraduate research sponsored by the NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates, Multicultural Initiative in the Marine Sciences: Undergraduate Participation and COSEE programs, included 8 annually in 2016. In the 5-year period 2012-2016 a total of 78 students were recruited from Western Washington University and 57 other colleges and universities around the nation. A total of 17 Master’s theses were completed during 2012-2016 through WWU’s Marine and Estuarine Science Program. Another 11 thesis projects are currently underway.


A total of 175 SPMC-based research projects were completed or underway during 2012-2016. This includes projects carried out at Shannon Point by faculty and resident staff, students under the direction of staff, and visiting scientists. Included in this total are 95 projects involving undergraduates working as investigators (including 80 from 72 other institutions) and 37 involved graduate students. The group of visiting investigators included 26 senior scientists and graduate students.


From 2012 to 2016, 74 formal publications were produced, involving 207 authors and co-authors. Authors included 12 resident scientists, 14 students, 4 staff and 54 visiting scientists and collaborators at other institutions.

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