2016 REU - Student Research Project Titles

  • Mandy Chan (Emory University). Do chemical signals induce changes in the radular teeth of Lacuna vincta?
  • Kim Diep (Western Washington University). Sensitivity of the anemone Anthopleura elegantissima and its green symbiont Elliptochloris marina to temperature and CO2
  • Jefferson Emm (Northwest Indian College). Delineating false readings of eelgrass location in UAV imagery due to tidal influence
  • Sanoosh Gamblewood (Western Washington University). Symbiont diversity and its role in the contentious taxonomy of host corals
  • Clay Mazur (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities). Investigating the swimming and predatory behaviors of a tintinnid ciliate, Schmidingerella sp., in response to high intensity sunlight (HIS)
  • Ticha Padgett-Stewart (Montana State University). Identifying and describing larval diversity of marine invertebrates within the Salish Sea
  • Wesley Payette (Houghton College). Effects of ocean acidification on feeding behavior and respiration in the copepod Calanus pacificus
  • Stephanie Thurner (Albion College). How does variation in life history strategies effect long term population trajectories of eelgrass?
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