Sustainability Graduation Pledge

Sustainability Graduation Pledge
Ready to Graduate? Graduate in Green! Sign the Western Sustainability Graduation Pledge when you pick up your cap and gown.
By signing the pledge you are showcasing your efforts towards creating a more social and environmental responsibility beyond Western.
Look for the Western Sustainability table to sign the pledge and receive a green ribbon to attached to your gown! Or sign the pledge below.
Location: Viking Union Multipurpose Room
Time: June 11th & 12th

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The voluntary pledge encourages students to make choices about their employment, showcases effort as a school in educating values and citizenship within the workplace, and brings forth a sense of direction illustrating that society should be concerned about more than just the bottom line of material success.

The first ever Sustainability Graduation Pledge was offered to all Spring 2013 graduates at their senior celebration event. As it turned out to be a grand success we continue on with this initiative as another way of showcasing Western’s support of fair practices beyond the school grounds. Anyone can take the pledge online or sign when picking up their cap and gown for Spring Graduation.

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Sign the Pledge!

"I pledge to use the knowledge and experience I gain at WWU and beyond to actively work towards a more socially and environmentally responsible world. I pledge to consider intergenerational equity, minimization of consumerism and the preservation of the biotic community within my future endeavors. I will bring integrity, stewardship, and social justice into any organization of which I work or affiliate."

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Spring 2014 Student Recognition

Shelby Allread
Caitlin Bennett
Lauren Bernard
Terry Blanton
Jaime Bradford
Colin Campbell
Freddy Collins
Alex Cutler
Shannon Daughters
Jacob de Guzman
Zack DeLuca

Erin Donathou
Carlee Duncan
Melina Edgerton
Jordan Erickson
Maxwell Evans
Ryan Evans
Brianna Fowler-lindner
Alanna Francis
Alyssa Grimm
Nick Grinnell
Thomas Guidon
Jillian Hawley

Elise Johnson
Taylor Jones
Anneliese Koleber
Kendra Krantz
Kaitlyn Lowder
Jesi Maakad
Morgan Maupin
Haley Mishap
Ariana Moini
Sophia More horse
Sean Reinman
Sabrina Sanchez

Cory Schmidtz
Kevin Sliger
Jennifer Smith
Amanada Stephens
Sydney Streeter-Dybdalh
Masha Szaro
Haylee Utt
Briana Vallene
Trent Vaned borsch
Jessica Weimar

Spring 2013 Student Recognition

Katie Ambacher
Rachel Ashby
Sally Baumgartner
Neil Baunsgaird
Will Beeler
Vanessa Bennum
Ashley Biete
Brent Bode
Sarah Bodrak
Ben Bothwell
Brian Boyd
Leah Brachen
Annie Brandon
Richard Bruno
Celia Buckingham
Taylor Bunch
Angela Buss
Jacquline Calaprioti
Ron Campbell
Anastasia Carlson
Rachel Cochran
Kacey Cockle
Alison Cooper
Maggie Counihan
Stephanie Crane
Will Crow
Matt Dallum
Claire De Rocco
David Dedrickson
Matt Delke
Krista Dixon
Evan Dobrowski
Cameron Donegan
Hanna Dubovik
Danita Dunlop
Tom Durhaw
Kayla Engle
Maria Eriksen
Hayden Fairley
Amanda Farkas
Anthony Fausset

Candace Feingold
Kiersten Ferguson
Sarah Ferris
Ethan Fetz
Cole Finchen
Amber French
Alex Fry
Shadi Garman
Pilar Gauthier
William George
Sam Gouley
Brenna Greely
Katie Griffith
Sydney Gunnarson
Chasse Gunter
Kevin Hager
Anthony Hale
Jeff Hales
Katherine Hales
Samantha Heim
Erika Hendron
Camille Heredic
Kyle Hiebert
Jennifer Hoang
Kurina Hoppen
Megan Housekeeper
Justin Hull
Tanner Humphries
Chelsea Hutchinson
James Hyde
Healing Israel
Nora Jagielo
Robert Jakab
Chelsea Jann
Tina Janni
Meghna Jaradi
Henry Jefferson
Ben Johnson
Kramer Johnson
Claire Jones
Nicole Jordan

Dylan Kane
Jessica Kilpatrick
Janelinda Kinuthia
Brittany Koenker
Dominika Kuiatkowski
Ashlan Kunz
Brenna Landen
Laura Ledesma
Randall Lewis
Annie Lim
Pei-Hsuan (Lisa) Lin
Ben Lofuson
Kristi Louthan
Maria Lucas
Jamie Mathis
Peter Matson
Katherine McDanold
Kelly McGivern
Molly Mendelsohn
Stephen Miller
Kauttin Mitchell
Megan Moes
Ariel Moilanen
Clare Murphy
Andrew Newman
Chelsea Newton
Lyssandra Norton
Brennan Nowak
Mastin Nunez
Isadora Obrien
Amy Oppfelt
Millie Osborne
Travis Ottele
Shelley Owen
Alex Pace
Jessica Pain
Alex Pajo
Clarissa Pearce
Breanna Perry
Jamie Peterson

Michelle Phillips
Judah Piano
Amanda Powers
Jacque Rafferty
Sophie Rice-Saver
Rebecca Rivero
Abi Roberts
Mark Roberts
Ayana Robinson
Marlena Robison
Heidi Rodenhizer
Sabrina Romano
Axel Romeryn
Kiersten Sahlberg
Callie Schmidt
Zach Schneide
Maryle Scott
Syd Shaphren
Claire Skelly
Lindsey Smith
Amanda Squires
Jen Stiles
Aupense Tardof
Kelsey Taylor
Ryan Terry
Micki Towler
Alex Valentine
Nate Vaudermay
Jaymie Wakefield
Kim Waxler
Angela Welch
Stacie Wendt
Emily Westerhind
Jordan Westerholm
Blake Westhoff
Hannah Wiesner
Alex Woehlbrandt
Rachel Worthy
Andre Yinn