2012 Western Sustainability Award Nominees

2012 Sustainability Award Nominees in Academics

AMSEC Solar Project Team

  • Creating Innovative work on improving the efficiency of luminescent solar concentrators.
  • Working as a team of five faculty and over a dozen student researchers to bring about advancements in solar technology.
  • Being awarded a $970,000 grant from the National Science Foundation's SOLAR program to further this research.
  • Team includes: David Patrick, John Gilbertson, Janelle Leger, Brad Johnson, Stephen McDowall, all the many students associated with this project.

Gary Bornzin

  • Integrating sustainability concepts into the classroom.
  • Sponsoring 26 sustainability-related Independent Study Projects in 2011-12, including Building a Student Co-op, Urban Homestead Infrastructure, a Bike Power Project, and Natural Building Techniques in 2011-2012 alone.

Grace Wang

  • Creating Western's first Sustainability Literacy classes, Sustainability Literacy 1 & Sustainability Literacy 2.
  • Integrating guest speakers from around the community to provide content for the courses.
  • Inspiring WWU students to look deeper into sustainability studies and integrate sustainable choices into their lives.

The Hybrid Bus Project

  • Designing and developing an alternatively-fueled lightweight modular bus for regional transit operators in the Puget Sound region.
  • Integrating over 40 Independent Study Projects and 15 senior projects into the effort.
  • Team includes: Will Davis, Ryan Fraser, Noah Katz, Thomas Mumford, Jeff Hergert, Stefan Weiss, Kyle Champion, Mark Dudzinski, Steve Fleishman

Nicholas Zaferatos

  • Creating WWU's Sustainable Ithaca Program as an international community service learning program promoting global sustainability through case study field work in the Island community of Ithaca, Greece.
  • Initiating sustainability initiatives on Ithaca, ranging from green building, to fair trade olive oil cooperatives, and sustainable tourism.

2012 Sustainability Award Nominees in Operations

Biology Staff Conservation Coordinators

  • Implementation of a paper towel composting system and a 33% reduction of landfill waste in their area.
  • Organizing an on-campus garage sale of surplus stockroom supplies.
  • Participation in Western's first Styrofoam recycling pilot.
  • Orientation of Biology students to recycling, composting, and fume hood energy-saving behaviors every quarter.
  • Team includes: Kendra Bradford, Peter Thut, and Mary Ann Merrill

Clarissa Mansfield
Clarissa Mansfield

  • Initiating energy conservation measures in lighting and computer use in the library.
  • Promoting sustainability education and leadership in her department.

Energy Savings Company Project

  • Creating for the first time at WWU, a campus-wide energy and water conservation project, spanning 28 buildings.
  • Creating an annual savings of $230,000 rising to $370,000 annually in ten years.
  • Team includes: Greg Hough, Sandy Fugami, Don White, Gary Jordan, Mike Ulrich, Chris Hadley, Gayle Shipley, John Kingsford-Smith, Steve Morrow, William Harrison, Gail Kuromiya, Gary Carlton, Francis Halle, Fred Ramage, Adam Lenard, Martin Reed, Joe SueWing, Honorary team member: Tim Wynn

Harold Hansberry

  • Promoting extensive reuse and recycling of paper in the Math lab.
  • Teaching of responsible stewardship to K-12 education students.
  • Providing leadership regarding use university resources.

Miller Hall Renovation Team
Miller Hall Renovation

  • Gaining the Western's first LEED Gold Certification for a campus building.
  • Excellent collaboration between the Office of Facilities Development and Capital Budget and Woodring College of Education.
  • Creating a 30% drop in electricity use and a 40% drop in heating use through this project.
  • Team includes: Rick Benner, Ed Simpson, David Willett, Michael Henninger, Carole Morris, and Diana Rosen.

The 2012 Sustainability Awards in Student Life and Lifetime Achievement only had one nominee each.