Office of Sustainability Staff

Seth Vidaña, Campus Sustainability Manager

Viking Commons 25 | 360.650.2491

Seth has been working as Campus Sustainability Manager since 2007, and advancing sustainability issues since 1993. As a M.Ed student, he created the Office of Sustainability, and has since led the development of many of Western's current sustainability programs. Seth formed the Northwest Higher Education Sustainability Consortium in 2010 to provide avenues for collaboration between northwest Washington institutions. Seth is a trail-runner, native bee keeper, bike commuter, and purveyor of backyard film screenings. He would love to hear your ideas on how we can make Western a national leader in campus sustainability.

Alyssa Mac Donald, Green Energy Fee Grant Program Outreach Coordinator

Viking Commons 24

Alyssa actively spreads the word and raises awareness about the Green Energy Fee Grant Program through various outreach services such as presentations, tabling, and other events throughout campus.  Alyssa is a junior at Western majoring in Geography and minoring in Spanish. She aspires to work in Latin America primarily with the environmental, geographic and social aspects of their inhabitants and resources.

>> Green Energy Fee Grant Program

Reports To: Regan Clover

Carol Berry, Campus Conservation & Sustainable Transportation Program Manager
Viking Commons 24 | 360.650.7979


On Western's staff since 1994, Carol was instrumental in developing the Sustainable Transportation office, incorporating Student and Employee Transportation programs, and housed with the Office of Sustainability. She has been active in Community transportation issues since 1999, serving on the City of Bellingham Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory committee, and the Whatcom Council of Governments Community Transportation Advisory group. Carol is currently implementing the Sustainable Office Certification program, an element of Western's Climate Action Plan. A graduate of Scripps College, Claremont, CA, in 1979, with a BA in Fine Arts, Carol believes that making and understanding how everyday items are made are keys to sustainability, and that hand-made goods have an important place in the future of local living economies. She is a member of the Whatcom Weaver's Guild and the Bellingham Textile Project steering committee.

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Charlie Ayers, Zero Waste Assistant

Viking Commons 24 | 360.650.4585

As Zero Waste Assistant, Charlie's objective is to spread awareness on and around campus about sustainable living, ultimately reducing Western's overall waste production. Charlie collects weekly trash production data on campus, updates the Zero Waste webpages, and collaborates with clubs, students and staff on campus by planning meetings, info tabling and surveys. She is currently a freshman, with plans to become a Huxley Environmental Studies major.

>> Zero Waste Western
>> Waste Audits

Reports To: Jacob de Guzman

Inanna Reistad, Office Assistant
Viking Commons 24 | 360.650.4575


Inanna has been committed to promoting sustainability for almost all of her life, but has found her focus in college. She is the Green Building intern as Sustainable Connections, located downtown Bellingham, and is a senior currently finishing her Urban Planning and Sustainable Development major. Inanna has been an active member in the Bellingham community and hopes to become a city planner in the future. Inanna is passionate about using sustainability and the concepts of permaculture design to advance her career. Inanna's main tasks at the Office of Sustainability include scheduling office meetings, correspondence within and outside the WWU institution, and crafting various projects within the office. Her main priority; however, has been assisting in the preparation for the first annual Washington Higher Education Sustainability Conference that Western will be hosting this February, 2014.

Reports To: Seth Vidaña

Jacob de Guzman, Zero Waste Coordinator

Viking Commons 24 | 360.650.4924

Since joining the OS team in 2011, Jacob has been working to develop the Student Zero-Waste Coordinator position by collecting weekly university trash production data, coordinating on-campus waste audits, and collaborating with clubs, students & staff. His objective is to collectively reduce school waste by raising individual awareness regarding consumption & trash sorting practices. Jacob is studying to become a Huxley environmental science major with a minor in Spanish. He is currently working on a cost-benefit analysis for a university wide compost program and raising compostable consumption awareness.

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Jenny Godwin, Sustainable Office Certification Program Assistant

Viking Commons 24

As the SOC program assistant, Jenny works with faculty and staff in on-campus offices to help maximize sustainability in their workplaces through the Sustainable Office Certification Program. The SOC program reduces costs, protects the environment, conserves resources and promotes fairness, safety and health. She is also involved in putting on Lunch & Learn events and Sweater Days.

Jenny is a senior at Western and will graduate in Spring 2014. She's pursuing her degree in Environmental Studies: Urban Planning & Environmental Policy with an English: Creative Writing minor. Jenny has been involved with furthering campus sustainability since her freshmen year through her leadership with WWU Students for Renewable Energy.

>> Sustainable Office Certification

Reports To: Carol Berry

Kendra Krantz, Resident's Resource Awareness Program (ResRAP) Coordinator

Viking Commons 25 | 360.650.2011

ResRAP is an environmental education approach to sustainable living on campus. As the ResRAP Coordinator, it is Kendra's job to work directly with the Hall Council Eco Reps, who are sustainable advocates within the nine residence halls on campus. Kendra provides an educational foundation and abundant resources for the Eco Reps to develop their own path to sustainable living and peer-to-peer education. Kendra meets with Eco Reps frequently to facilitate not only developing a sense of stewardship, but also instill leadership within the Eco Reps and throughout the halls. This position also coordinates the Go for the Green Challenge, which is a Winter Quarter competition between all of the residence halls to reduce resource consumption.

Kendra began as an Eco Rep herself in 2009. Afterward, she held the ResRAP Assistant Coordinator position on two separate occasions, once in 2010-2011 and again during the 2012-2013 academic year. This will be Kendra's first year as the ResRAP Coordinator. She is also an Environmental Education major and Environmental Science minor and will be graduating in spring of 2014.

>> ResRAP

Kellen Erb, Residents' Resource Awareness Program (ResRAP) Intern

Kellen Erb
Viking Commons 25

As an intern for ResRAP, Kellen works with the ResRAP Coordinator and Assistant to increase sustainability awareness on campus by assisting with events, the ResRAP newsletter, and working closely with Eco Reps. Kellen is a Freshman and is an Eco Rep for Kappa this year. She is planning to pursue a degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in Sustainable Design.

>> ResRAP

Maddie Gavigan Martin, Resident's Resource Awareness Program (ResRAP) Assistant

Viking Commons 24 | 360.650.4585

ResRAP is an environmental education approach to sustainable living on campus. As the ResRAP Assistant it is Maddie's job to work directly with the Hall Council Eco Reps. These Eco Reps are advocates for sustainable living within the nine residence communities on campus. Maddie, along with the ResRAP Coordinator, provide an educational foundation and abundant resources for Eco Reps to develop their own path to sustainable living and peer-to-peer education. ResRAP works to not only develop a sense of stewardship, but also instill leadership within the Eco Reps and throughout the residence communities.

Maddie is a sophomore at Western pursuing a degree in Environmental Science with an interest in all things terrestrial and spacial. She was an Eco Rep from 2012-2013 and is now the Program Assistant for the 2013-2014 academic year.

>> ResRAP

Reports To: Kendra Krantz

Maria Szaro, Research Assistant

Viking Commons 24 | 360.650.4575

My name is Maria but I go by Masha, I work as a Research Assistant. I mostly work on researching information about specific projects for the office use. My intended major is Economics. I am also involved in organizing the WAHESC.

Reports To: Seth Vidaña

Patrick Schmidt, Graphic Designer

Viking Commons 24

Patrick is the in house Graphic Designer for the Office of Sustainability. He designs identity and media promotions for the Office. Patrick is currently pursuing a degree in Design from Western Washington University. He feels that through the office of sustainability, he can help others to become stewards of the earth and live an examined life. You can view more of his work at

Reports To: Shayne Smith

Regan Clover, Green Energy Fee Program Coordinator

Viking Commons 24 | 360.650.4501

In this position, Regan works collaboratively with students, staff, and faculty to utilize the funds gathered from the student Green Energy Fee to pilot sustainability initiatives for the campus community. Clover has a MS in Ecology & Environmental Science and has worked in the conservation field for over ten years. Visit the Green Energy Fee webpage to learn more about how the funding works and the exciting projects students and staff are implementing.

>> Green Energy Fee Grant Program

Ryan Hachtel, Webmaster

Viking Commons 24

Ryan maintains and updates the Office of Sustainability website along with the ResRAP and Sweater Days websites. He is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science, a certificate in Web Programming, and a minor in Political Science. He believes that technology can be a great tool to help educate people on sustainable practices and concepts.

Sadie Normoyle, Green Energy Fee Education Coordinator

Viking Union 424 | 360.650.6129

Sadie works to educate and inform the campus community about the Green Energy Fee and the wonderful opportunities it provides. The Green Energy Fee (GEF) has a grant program where students, faculty, and staff can apply for grant money to create sustainable projects on campus. The GEF is a wonderful way to make our campus and our community more environmentally friendly. 

Sadie has been involved with the campus sustainability movement at Western for three years now. She is pursuing a degree in Environmental Policy from Huxley and a minor in American Indian Studies. She hopes to one day work with local tribes in regards protecting their land rights and natural resources.

>> Green Energy Fee Grant Program

Sam Geller, Green Resident Certification Assistant

Viking Commons 24

As the Green Resident Certification Assistant, Sam’s objective is to find new and innovative ways to improve ResRAP’s Green Residence Certification (GRC) program through collaboration with students and the Office of Sustainability. He is also responsible for coordinating publicity and administering surveys for the GRC. Sam is enthusiastic about protecting our planet and has had previous experience as an intern for Forterra, a non-profit land conservation group. He is a freshman and is majoring in Financial Economics.

>> Green Residence Certification

Reports To: Kendra Krantz

Shayne Smith, Webmaster & Media Manager

Viking Commons 24

Since 2010, Shayne has developed and maintained the Western Sustainability website via Adobe Dreamweaver. She is currently a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Design, a Minor in Internet Resource Creation and Management, and a Web Content Developer Certificate through the Internet Studies Center. In the past, she has received a Web Design and Development Certificate through the Extended Education Program.

In addition to the Western Sustainability website, she has also designed and developed websites for ResRAP, Sweater Days, and SII. Her other role is to manage Western Sustainability social media, visual graphics, and print media. Shayne is very proud to be able to spread the word of sustainability on campus. (Design Portfolio)