Office of Sustainability Staff

Seth Vidaña, Campus Sustainability Manager

Viking Commons 25 | 360.650.2491

Seth has been working as Campus Sustainability Manager since 2007, and advancing sustainability issues since 1993. As a M.Ed student, he created the Office of Sustainability, and has since led the development of many of Western's current sustainability programs. Seth formed the Northwest Higher Education Sustainability Consortium in 2010 to provide avenues for collaboration between northwest Washington institutions. Seth is a trail-runner, native bee keeper, bike commuter, and purveyor of backyard film screenings. He would love to hear your ideas on how we can make Western a national leader in campus sustainability.

Alyssa Mac Donald, Green Energy Fee Grant Program Outreach Coordinator

Viking Commons 24 | 360.650.4575

Alyssa actively spreads the word and raises awareness about the Green Energy Fee Grant Program through various outreach services such as presentations, tabling, and other events throughout campus.  Alyssa is a senior at Western majoring in Geography and minoring in GIS & Spanish. She aspires to work in Latin America primarily with the environmental, geographic and social aspects of their inhabitants and resources.

>> Green Energy Fee Grant Program

Amina Shah, OS Office Assistant

Viking Commons 24 | 360.650.4924

Amina helps the office in a number of ways. She helps with scheduling, communicates with student employees to make sure they have what they need to complete their job, schedules monthly staff meetings, reserves rooms, and keeps the office running smoothly. Amina is currently perusing a major in Communication and a minor in Economics.

Carol Berry, Campus Conservation & Sustainable Transportation Program Manager
Viking Commons 24 | 360.650.7979


On Western's staff since 1994, Carol was instrumental in developing the Sustainable Transportation office, incorporating Student and Employee Transportation programs, and housed with the Office of Sustainability. She has been active in Community transportation issues since 1999, serving on the City of Bellingham Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory committee, and the Whatcom Council of Governments Community Transportation Advisory group. Carol is currently implementing the Sustainable Office Certification program, an element of Western's Climate Action Plan. A graduate of Scripps College, Claremont, CA, in 1979, with a BA in Fine Arts, Carol believes that making and understanding how everyday items are made are keys to sustainability, and that hand-made goods have an important place in the future of local living economies. She is a member of the Whatcom Weaver's Guild and the Bellingham Textile Project steering committee.

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>> Sustainable Office Certification
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Charlie Ayers, Zero Waste Coordinator

Viking Commons 24 | 360.650.4924

Since joining the Office of Sustainability in 2013, Charlie has been working to reduce Western's waste by raising individual awareness regarding consumption and trash sorting practices. As Zero Waste Coordinator, she does this by educating students, organizing waste audits, collecting weekly trash production data and collaborating with campus clubs, organizations, students and staff to redirect waste to be reused, composted or recycled. Charlie is attending Fairhaven College at WWU with plans to get an interdisciplinary major in Sustainability and Social Justice. She is passionate about the environment, especially in the way society interacts with it.

>> Zero Waste Western
>> Waste Audits

Colin Ridgley, Green Energy Fee Education Coordinator

Viking Union 424 | 360.650.6129

Colin designs and produces educational materials and coordinates community outreach for the Green Energy Fee(GEF) Grant program. The program grants money to students, faculty, and staff for sustainable projects on campus. He hopes to involve as much of the campus community as possible and to raise awareness of this unique resource and opportunity. Colin is currently a junior majoring in Environmental Science with minors in Environmental Policy and Energy Policy. He hopes to one day work to resolve global environmental crises.

>> Green Energy Fee Grant Program

Destinee Halverson, Campus Conservation/Sustainable Office Certification Outreach Assistant

Viking Commons 24 | 360.650.2011

Destinee works to create awareness about sustainability and green living with the faculty and students of Western. She helps organize events around campus to reach out to the community of Western and promote healthy and sustainable behavioral changes. Destinee is involved with the offices around campus to encourage change that benefits the environment and maximizes sustainable living at Western. Through the Sustainable Office Certification Program, she strives to certify offices when they make sustainable changes and reach their green living goals. Destinee is currently a sophomore studying Communication Sciences and Disorders and Anthropology. She invites everyone to come join her for a conversation in the Learning Commons on Tuesday mornings and so she can show you how to mend a sweater, and mend the planet!

>> Sustainable Office Certification
>> Conversations In Common
>> Sustainability Expo
>> Clothing Swap
>> Sweater Days

Gwen Larned, Zero Waste Assistant

Viking Commons 24

As the Zero Waste Assistant Gwen works to help educate students, staff, and faculty about how they can reduce their waste stream and live more sustainably on and off campus. Gwen does class raps, works with social media, and tables at waste audits as a few ways to achieve her goal of green education. Gwen’s passion for a greener world stems from growing up in the heart of Washington. Born and raised in Leavenworth she hiked, swam, snowboarded, and enjoyed being surrounded by the mountains she calls home. As a Freshman at Western Gwen is an Eco Rep for Fairhaven Hall Council, and is excited to be making a difference here at WWU.

Jacquelyn Stenman, Campus Conservation/Sustainable Office Certification Outreach Assistant

Viking Commons 24 | 360.650.4575

Jacquelyn works to create a more sustainable Western by reaching out to the offices on campus and help them to become aware of sustainability. She strives to promote behavioral changes in the workplace in order to achieve a more energy efficient environment, and certify offices at different levels when they reach specific goals. Her goal is to get all of the offices on campus certified, and to assist offices in reaching the platinum level. Jacquelyn is currently a junior majoring in Environmental Science! Last year she lived in the Sustainable Energy Efficient Dorm pilot room, a Green Energy Fee project on campus. Go check it out in Buchanan Towers!

>> Sustainable Office Certification
>> Conversations In Common
>> Sustainability Expo
>> Clothing Swap
>> Sweater Days

Kellen Erb, Residents' Resource Awareness Program (ResRAP) Assistant

Kellen Erb
Viking Commons 25 | 360.650.4585

ResRAP is an environmental education approach to sustainable living on campus. As the ResRAP Assistant, it is Kellen’s job to work directly with the Hall Council Eco Reps. Kellen, along with the ResRAP Coordinator, provide an educational foundation and abundant resources for Eco Reps to develop their own path to sustainable living and peer-to-peer education. ResRAP works to not only develop a sense of stewardship, but also instill leadership within the Eco Reps and throughout the residence communities.

Kellen is a Sophomore and is planning to pursue a degree in Environmental Studies with an Elementary Education Teaching Certificate. Kellen was an Eco Rep in the 2013-2014 year and is now the Program Assistant for the 2014-2015 year.

>> ResRAP

Leah Gross, Graphic Designer

Viking Commons 24

Leah works as the Office of Sustainability’s graphic designer, creating visual assets for each of the departments to draw attention, reflect the office’s positive attitude, and visualize a deeper message. She designs posters and flyers, infographics and various web graphics, and other promotion materials. Leah is a senior in WWU’s graphic design department, and hopes to pursue a career in digital media. She is currently working to develop campaigns for Sweater Days and Zero Waste’s Waste Audits, as well as motion projects for the Office of Sustainability’s website.

Maddie Gavigan Martin, Resident's Resource Awareness Program (ResRAP) Coordinator

Viking Commons 25 | 360.650.4585

Maddie has been with the ResRAP program since 2012, working to infuse environmental education into residence hall life. Through the OS she works with ResLife and campus stakeholders to spread awareness of environmental issues and practices through student volunteers called Eco Reps. ResRAP works to not only develop a sense of stewardship among residents, but also instill leadership within the Eco Reps and throughout the residence communities.

Maddie is a junior pursuing degrees in environmental education and astronomy. She loves to talk waste infrastructure as Huxley’s Air and Waste Management Association president. Maddie was an Eco Rep from 2012-2013 and the ResRAP Assistant from 2013-2014.

>> ResRAP

Maria Szaro, Research Assistant

Viking Commons 24 | 360.650.4924

Masha has joined OS in October 2013 as a Research Assistant. Her responsibilities varies depending on projects assigned by her supervisor. She started by helping organizing the WAHESC 2013 conference, and conducting research on electric vehicles for WWU facilities’ purchase. She assists Seth Vidana with his Campus Sustainability Planning Studio (CSPS) course by coordinating relations between students, staff and faculty. Masha is also in charge of Sustainability Graduation Pledge (SGP) event happening annually at the end of spring quarter. Contact Masha for any questions concerning the CSPS class or Graduation Pledge.

Reports To: Seth Vidaña

Nate White, Green Energy Fee Grant Program Coordinator

Viking Commons 24 | 360.650.4501

Nate coordinates the Green Energy Fee Grant Program to help students implement successful sustainability projects on campus. As a former Western student and Vice President of Students for Renewable Energy, he helped install the solar panels on the Viking Union, and researched other appropriate solar power opportunities for Western. He is excited to provide guidance to current students and help make their sustainability ideas come to life. Nate graduated from Western with an Environmental Policy degree from Huxley College of the Environment.

Nate believes in local solutions to environmental challenges, and can’t get enough of riding his bike. Nate founded an all-volunteer bicycle-delivery club called the Bellingham Cargo Club as an avenue for these joint interests. He enjoys volunteering in the community, being active with friends, and exploring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Ryan Hachtel, Webmaster

Viking Commons 24 | 360.650.4575

Ryan maintains and updates the Office of Sustainability website along with the ResRAP and Sweater Days websites. He also works on Social Media plans and outreach for the office. He is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science and a certificate in Web Programming. He believes that technology can be a great tool to help educate people on sustainable practices and concepts.

Victoria Monreal, Office Assistant

Viking Union 424 | 360.650.4575

Victoria’s OS position involves event planning, communications coordination, personnel scheduling, staff support, being a department liaison, and helping the OS office stay organized. She is a senior and is earning an environmental science major and environmental education minor. Her desire to help the environment, and helping people through helping the environment, started when she volunteered in Peru for 9 months, 3 of which she spent in the Amazon Rainforest.