Goals & Commitments

Western has made several commitments to achieving campus sustainability.

Climate Neutrality by 2050

Climate Action Plan

In 2010, the WWU Board of Trustees adopted a campus-wide Climate Action Plan produced by the Office of Sustainability in cooperation with Facilities Management, and the Western Sustainability Committee. The Climate Action Plan outlines a strategy for Western to become climate neutral (net zero carbon emissions) by 2050. Western joins over 660 institutions nationally in this goal through the American College and University President's Climate Commitment.


In addition, Washington State requires all state agencies to adopt a strategy for reducing carbon emissions through RCW 70.235.050. The WWU Climate Action Plan calls for reductions that exceeds these state goals.

Zero Waste Western

Zero Waste

Zero Waste Western is a campus-wide campaign aimed at reducing Western's landfill waste production to zero. Campus currently diverts 72% of all containers, paper, and cardboard from the landfill through the AS Recycle Center. Through a partnership between the AS Recycle Center, Dining Services, Facilities Management, and the Office of Sustainability, Western is aiming to achieve Zero Waste in the coming years.
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10% Utility Reduction by the end of 2012


10x12 is a program of the Office of Sustainability, in partnership with President Shepard and Facilities Management. The 10x12 aimed to attain a 10% reduction in utility use by the end of 2012. The President's Climate Commitment and the Climate Action Plan call for WWU to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 35% less than 2005 levels by 2020, and for WWU to become Climate Neutral by 2050.
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20% Real Food by the end of 2020

Real Food Challenge

Dining Services is committed to achieving 20% Real Food by the end of 2012. "Real Food" is defined as food that meets one of more of these criteria: locally-produced, organically-grown, fairly-traded, and humanely-raised.

Local dairies, orchards, farms, and regional supporters work with Western to help us reach this goal. We also receive support from organizations like Growing Washington — a farmer cooperative — and Charlie's Produce, a produce supplier based in Seattle, WA.
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