Sustainability initiatives exist in every college on Western's campus and in many cases these independent programs are working toward complimentary goals. The campus-wide Sustainability Committee and the Faculty Sustainability Academy were created to help guide campus efforts to infuse academics and operations with the quadruple bottom line philosophy of environment, equity, economy, and health.

Sustainability Committee

The WWU Sustainability Committee was created in April of 2005 to further WWU's strategic goal of campus sustainability. The Sustainability Committee is composed of faculty, staff and students, who share a desire to protect local and global ecology, uphold social equity, create economic vitality, and maintain human health.

  • Steve Hollenhorst, Dean of Huxley College, Sustainability Committee Co-Chair
  • John Furman, Director, Facilities Management, Sustainability Committee Co-Chair
  • Gayle Shipley, Director, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Nicolas Zaferatos, Associate Professor, Huxley College of the Environment
  • Victor Nolet, Associate Professor Secondary Education, Woodring College of Education
  • Gary Bornzin, Lecturer, Fairhaven College
  • Dan Hagen, Professor, Economics, College of Business and Economics
  • Arunas Oslapas, Associate Professor, Engineering Technology, College of Science and Technology
  • Dan Warner, Professor, Accounting Department, College of Business and Economics
  • Hart Hodges, Assistant Professor, Economics, College of Business and Economics
  • Robert Lopresti, Government Information Librarian and Librarian, Huxley College of the Environment
  • Carol Berry, 10x12 & Sustainable Transportation Manager, Office of Sustainability
  • Seth VidaƱa, Campus Sustainability Manager, Office of Sustainability

Want to get involved in planning for campus sustainability at Western? Become part of the Western Sustainability Committee! Contact the Committee for more information.


Faculty Sustainability Academy

The Faculty Sustainability Academy (FSA) is composed of faculty members from different colleges and disciplines who meet voluntarily to discuss strategies for furthering sustainability education on Western's campus. Early members of FSA composed and released a survey to ascertain how many members of the faculty at Western are invested in sustainability curriculum. Results from this survey indicated approximately 150 faculty either teach sustainability curriculum in their classes or have professional interest in sustainability education.

During the Academy's first meeting in 2008, the faculty created a list of existing courses at Western with sustainability in the curriculum and used the information to propose three new curricular models: a General Education course sequence titled "Sustainability Literacy," a proposed Sustainability Minor available to students in any discipline; and an eventual Sustainability Major.

Want to get involved in integrating sustainability into the curriculum at Western? Connect with the Faculty Sustainability Academy for more information.