Sustainable Transportation

Western supports sustainable transportation for students, faculty and staff though partnerships with WTA and other transportation-related community groups.

WWU's Sustainable Transportation Office:

  • Provides assistance to the WWU community with alternative transportation information
  • Supports Student Transportation
  • Is a campus resource for sustainable transportation news and information
  • Is a liaison between WWU, WTA and other transportation-related community groups, and
  • Fulfills the requirements of the state Commute Trip Reduction Act

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Transportation and WWU Sustainability

A sustainable transportation system integrates local responsibilities with local and global problems. These include rising temperatures and climate destabilization; increased urban density and suburban sprawl; a growing population; the rising costs of energy production and instability of foreign energy sources; a worsening human health condition due to water and air pollution (a major cause of rising asthma and respiratory illness) and lack of physical activity (resulting in increased diabetes and other diseases.)

Transportation needs and impacts include commuter travel and campus operations. It will take a diverse mix of program and facilities solutions to reduce the impacts of current transportation choices and provide fair, healthy, economically sound and environmentally clean mobility and access for all members of the WWU community.

From 1998 to 2010, Western's drive-alone rate dropped from 30% to 17%.

Western Student Transportation


The Alternative Transportation Fee provides students with viable transit services, and encourages sustainable transportation practices through student engagement in education and advocacy.

The Western Student Transportation program (WST) was created by the Associated Students, in conjunction with the Division of Business and Financial Affairs, after the successful student vote for the transportation fee in April 2007. The program goal is to enable students to live a full college experience without owning a personal vehicle.

Supporting a Sustainable WWU
This program supports equality, diversity and community through improved transportation equity, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and increased student engagement and sustainability awareness. The program provides student employment and student academic partnership opportunities. An active Alternative Transportation Fee Committee consisting of a majority of student representatives along with supporting administrative staff manages the program.



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