What is Go For The Green?

The 2017 Go For The Green competition will begin Winter quarter.

Go for the Green is a competition between all the residence halls on campus. It will determine which hall can reduce the most water, waste, electricity, and natural gas. Halls can win based on their percent reduction in electricity and landfill waste, by signing the total reduction pledges, and attending sustainable education program/events hosted by their Eco Reps. This competition works to educate WWU campus resident's on sustainable practices that can be implemented in their living situations and hopefully will take with them beyond campus housing.

The point system works as follows:

  • Electricity: 75 points for every 1% reduction per month
  • Landfill: 25 points for every 1% reduced per month
  • Pledges: 25 points for every 1% signed per month
  • Programs: 100-300 per program *
    * points based on participation, educational value, and innovation of the programs