Green Residence Certification: History

The Green Residence Certification (GRC) program was created in March of 2012 to find new and innovative ways to implement sustainable living in the residence halls. Through coordination between the Residents’ Resource Awareness Program (ResRAP) and funding from the Green Energy Fee Small Grant program, the GRC assessed issues that on-campus students had in maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle.

One of the ways the GRC program facilitated in residents living sustainably was the implementation of ‘Sustainable Room Kits’ which were key tools in allowing students to conserve energy and be conscious-minded of the environment. The ‘Sustainable Room Kits’ included a shower timer, two energy efficient surge protectors, and recycling guides. We saw huge progress in students who participated in the GRC, with over 80% taking significant steps in reducing their carbon footprint and all making a conscious effort to minimize their consumption.


Sam Geller, Green Resident Certification Assistant