Tutoring Center Staff

Develop learning skills, master course content, & improve academic performance!

The Mission of the Tutoring Center is to provide academic support to Western Washington University students to help them reach their highest academic potential through services including:

  • Free drop-in tutoring support for Math and Science GURs to all WWU students 60 hours per week
  • Free tutor-facilitated study groups for select courses
  • Free on-on-one study skills appointments!

Quarterly Hours Location & Contact Schedules

Finals Week March 17-22
Sat 3/17 5-9
Sun 3/18 5-9
Mon 3/19 9-9
Tue 3/20 9-9
Wed 3/21 11-9
Thr 3/22 3-7

Wilson Library 280

Support listed by Course:
Drop-in Schedule
Study Group Schedule

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