The table below shows 2013-15 capital requests sorted by division.

Academic Affairs20120423 11:24:55613026Brian BurtonParks HallNAParks Hall Wing
Academic Affairs20110926 16:46:45613923Elsi Vassdal Ellis/Gaye GreenArt AnnexAllArt Annex Renovation
Academic Affairs20120625 15:13:39620917John LawsonEntire Western CampusAllWireless LAN Upgrade and Expansion
Academic Affairs20110927 17:24:13621165Christopher CoxWilson LibraryWilson Library Renovation
Academic Affairs20110928 07:04:59621366Rick OsenWilson LibraryIncludes HH; various roomsLearning Commons
Academic Affairs20120423 11:29:07622530Francis HalleMultiple BuildingsAcademic Equipment Renewal
Academic Affairs20120625 16:43:27622536Francis HalleMultiple BuildingsvariousClassroom and Lab Upgrades
Academic Affairs20111010 13:09:35622539Marc GeislerHumanities BldgEntire BuildingHumanities Building Renovation
Academic Affairs20111010 13:11:21622548Francis Halle per Todd MortonRoss Engineering TechnologyBuildingEngineering Technology Building Expansion
Academic Affairs20120625 16:40:24622567Francis HalleSELECTNew BuildingAcademic & Performing Arts Facility - Design Funding
Academic Affairs20111005 14:11:26622672Francis HalleMultiple Buildingsaffects HU and WL buildingsWilson Academic Renovation & Expansion
Academic Affairs20120403 11:48:00623135Bernie HousenEnvironmental Studies Ctr84, 84A-E, 52, 53, 54, 56, 60, 67Geology Department Lab Space Renewal
Academic Affairs20120423 10:34:14624146Francis HalleCarver GymnasiumallCARVER ACAD. FACILITY RENOVATION - Construction Funding
Academic Affairs20110926 05:46:19624147Francis HalleSELECTArmory Building - Conversion to Library and Record Storage Facility
Academic Affairs20110925 19:18:08624173Roger GilmanSELECTFairhaven College Annex
Academic Affairs20120423 13:16:02624176Francis Halle per Roger GilmanSELECTNew BuildingFairhaven College Annex
Academic Affairs20120423 11:04:53624218Francis HalleEnvironmental Studies CtrBuilding Environmental Studies Building Renovation
Academic Affairs20120423 11:03:21624219Francis HalleSELECTWWU - Old Main Preservation
Academic Affairs20111010 13:12:36624220Francis HalleSELECTSchool of Fine Arts
Academic Affairs20120423 13:17:36624221Francis HalleSELECTAdministrative Services Building
Academic Affairs20110926 05:50:03624222Francis HalleArchives BuildingallGoltz Murray Building
Academic Affairs20120625 16:39:28625369Francis HalleSELECTNew BuildingWWU Sciences Building
Academic Affairs20120203 10:52:51629626*MOHEB GHALIOld Main530REPLACE HAZARDEOUS CARPET
Academic Affairs20120412 14:27:22635721Frits PonsenUtilitiesTelecom RoomsNetwork Support for Increased Demand on Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Academic Affairs20120203 10:22:40637015Eric LeonhardtRoss Engineering Technology151Vehicle Lift Project
Academic Affairs20111128 10:20:00638188Jamie HarringtonSMATE (Science Lecture III)220SMATE Bulding Dome Blinds Replacement
Academic Affairs20120203 10:20:59638364Tjalling YpmaBond HallvariousMath/Bond Hall upgrades
Academic Affairs20111121 16:34:32638392Tjalling YpmaBond HallEntire buildingBond Hall Clock Upgrade/Replacement
Academic Affairs20111121 16:35:02638401Tjalling YpmaBond HallvariousFinish Window Covering in Bond Hall
Academic Affairs20120203 10:28:05638477Peter ThutBiology BuildingBI461Repurposing teaching lab to meet growing student need
Academic Affairs20120203 10:29:17638483Peter ThutBiology BuildingBI249 and BI354Teaching Lab Cabinetry Upgrade
Academic Affairs20120203 10:30:36638493Jeff YoungBiology GreenhouseGrounds and BI350Research and Teaching Large Equipment Storage Facility
Academic Affairs20120203 10:31:20638496Peter ThutBiology BuildingAllBiology Personnel and Building Safety and Security
Academic Affairs20120203 14:18:30639729Stephen SulkinShannon Point Marine CenterNAProvision of Security Scissor Gate at SPMC
Academic Affairs20111130 08:58:48639981Valerie WorthenBond HallBH 160Bookshelves
Academic Affairs20111129 11:42:30639999Valerie WorthenBond HallBond Hall 150, 154, 167CDoor Closers
Academic Affairs20120203 11:04:01640394Stephen SulkinShannon Pt Caretaker ResidenceRenovation of Residential Building at SPMC
Academic Affairs20120203 10:53:58640575Leo BodensteinerEnvironmental Studies CtrES 522ESCI department office carpet replacement
Academic Affairs20120203 11:02:58640594Leo BodensteinerEnvironmental Studies CtrES 64Outside covered equipment storage
Academic Affairs20120203 10:55:33646832Chris CoxWilson LibraryNorth Door, 480Wilson Library Reading Room and Entrance Upgrades
Academic Affairs20120203 10:57:55646833Rick OsenWilson LibraryWL & HH Second FloorsLearning Commons
Academic Affairs20120418 16:53:18646942Rick OsenHaggard Hall354Program/Presentation Space
Academic Affairs20120412 13:42:25648378Sue Guenter SchlesingerMultiple BuildingsCampus WideCampus ADA Issues
Academic Affairs20120625 15:09:32648393F Halle for Sue Guenter SchlesingerMultiple BuildingsCampus WidePublic Accommodation Projects
Academic Affairs20120418 17:03:55648412Francis HalleArmoryAllUpgrades to the Armory to allow for its use as a book/record storage facility
Academic Affairs20120418 17:07:06648413Brian BurtonParks HallDeckPlaza Deck Enclosure
Academic Affairs20120403 13:56:20648415Dan GuyettePerforming Arts Center281, 281ACostume Shop - In Shop Storage and Fabric Dyeing
Academic Affairs20120625 15:22:09648417Steve SulkinShannon Point Marine CenterSPMC Wet Lab Facilities
Academic Affairs20120418 17:08:58648419Brian BurtonParks Hall308, 328Renovate & Mediate Two Conference Rooms
Academic Affairs20120625 15:18:54648422Francis HalleHaggard Hall2nd and third floors'New Media' Commons
Business & Financial Affairs20120625 16:42:14605649Greg HoughPerforming Arts Centern/a Comprehensive Exterior Renovation
Business & Financial Affairs20120625 16:42:49605650Greg HoughParking Lotsn/aStorm Water Mitigation for Gravel Parking Lots
Business & Financial Affairs20120625 16:44:09605651Greg HoughUtilitiesn/aNorth Campus Utility Upgrade
Business & Financial Affairs20120423 10:51:01605654Greg HoughUtilitiesn/aReplace Ridgway Steam System
Business & Financial Affairs20120423 11:07:50605660Greg HoughOld Mainn/aOld Main Window Replacement
Business & Financial Affairs20120423 11:11:26605666Greg HoughEnvironmental Studies Ctrn/aHVAC Replacement
Business & Financial Affairs20120423 10:47:05605832Greg HoughWilson Libraryn/aComprehensive Major Systems and Exterior Renovation
Business & Financial Affairs20120423 11:14:16605836Greg HoughMultiple BuildingsImplement Comprehensive Access Control and Security for Academic Buildings
Business & Financial Affairs20120423 11:15:45605840Greg HoughPhysical Plantn/aPhysical Plant Renovation and Expansion
Business & Financial Affairs20120423 11:23:25610324Rick BennerGroundsPedestrian/Bike Bridge at West College Way
Business & Financial Affairs20120423 11:01:11610327Rick BennerGroundsSouthwest Campus Roadway Revisions
Business & Financial Affairs20110922 08:04:10622151Rick BennerSELECTParking Structure
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:48:03633712Gail KuromiyaGroundsUpdate all exterior campus map directory signs (vehicular and pedestrian oriented).
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 13:53:08634127Gail KuromiyaMultiple BuildingsUpdate interior directory and floor plan signs in academic buildings
Business & Financial Affairs20120412 14:25:20639452Rick BennerCommunication FacilityExterior Solar Shading at Communications Facility
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 16:48:33639453Rick BennerOld Main110Solar Shading at Exterior of OM 110 Area
Business & Financial Affairs20120412 14:21:10639454Rick BennerMultiple BuildingsUpgrade Exterior Wayfinding Signage
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 15:29:11639455Rick BennerGroundsReplace Exterior 'Lollipop' Path Lighting
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:39:39639456Rick BennerGroundsImprove Ramp and Pathway North of Buchanan Towers
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 17:01:24639457Rick BennerPhysical PlantInstall Skylights at Interior Office Areas of Physical Plant
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 09:55:57643612Gayle ShipleyEntire Western CampusEmergent Safety Funding
Business & Financial Affairs20120106 08:57:59643710Gayle ShipleyEntire Western CampusUpgrade Campus Emergency Notifications
Business & Financial Affairs20120106 08:57:50643711Gayle ShipleyFine Arts BuildingVariousRemove Asbestos Floor Tile from Fine Arts
Business & Financial Affairs20120106 08:57:39643712Gayle ShipleyHumanities BldgSoffits at Humanities
Business & Financial Affairs20120106 08:57:32643723Gayle ShipleyMultiple BuildingsEvacuation Signage for Classrooms and Buildings
Business & Financial Affairs20120625 15:56:41643787Gayle ShipleyGroundsPathway below Ridgeway Beta above Weight Storage Room
Business & Financial Affairs20120106 08:57:05643793Gayle ShipleyViking CommonsRefrigeration Backup Power at Viking Commons
Business & Financial Affairs20120412 14:18:58643803Gayle ShipleyGroundsLocking Access to IT and Communication Lines on Campus
Business & Financial Affairs20120106 08:56:48643809Gayle ShipleyGroundsRamps for Dumpsters
Business & Financial Affairs20120106 08:56:36643834Gayle ShipleyGroundsWest of PACReplace the Metal Path used as a walkway at Bayview Station Sculpture
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 15:17:10643840Gayle ShipleyEnvironmental Studies CtrVariousClear Benches under Electrical Panels in Environmental Studies*
Business & Financial Affairs20120106 08:56:18643941Gayle ShipleyOld MainSuite 530Replace Carpet in Old Main Suite 530
Business & Financial Affairs20120106 08:56:03643946Gayle ShipleyGroundsat Alumni HouseHandrail on Alumni House Path
Business & Financial Affairs20120403 10:43:00643950Gayle ShipleyMultiple BuildingsBuilding fire annunciators sound in the tunnel near building access points
Business & Financial Affairs20120106 08:55:32643978Gayle ShipleyMultiple BuildingsSafety Film to Large Windows not Safety Glass
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 10:07:52648860Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aEmergent Facilities Renewal
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 13:26:41648862Greg HoughHumanities Bldgn/aComprehensive Exterior Restoration
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:41:08648865Greg HoughPerforming Arts Centern/aConcert Hall Exterior Renovation
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 15:11:07648868Greg HoughChemistry Buildingn/aComplete Remaining Exterior Sealing
Business & Financial Affairs20120625 15:43:16648870Greg HoughOld Mainn/aRefurbish Exterior Glazing at Old Main Solarium
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:53:46648872Greg HoughEnvironmental Studies Ctrn/aReplace Windows at 5th Floor Patio
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 13:45:58648877Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aRefurbish Selected Aluminum Exterior Doors
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 13:47:45648879Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aRefurbish Selected Wood Exterior Doors
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 13:24:47648882Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aRefurbish EPDM Membrane Roofing with Failing Seams
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 13:36:55648883Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aMultiple Building Low Sloped Roof Replacement
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 10:39:51648893Greg HoughWilson Libraryn/aReplace Clay Tile Roof
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 15:19:34648895Re-cover Metal RoofingAdministrative Services Centern/aRe-cover Metal Roofing
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:01:31648901Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aUpgrade Roof Paver Walkways
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 13:41:23648903Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aRefurbish Selected Interior Doors
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:51:13648913Greg HoughArntzen Halln/aInterior Door Lockset Replacement
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:56:04648919Greg HoughEnvironmental Studies Ctrn/aInterior Door Lockset Replacement
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 16:18:02648922Greg HoughOld Mainn/aInterior Door Lockset Replacement
Business & Financial Affairs20120625 15:59:13648933Greg HoughOld MainRehabilitate Building Interior Finishes
Business & Financial Affairs20120412 14:29:49648935Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aInstall Barrier Matting
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:36:11648938Greg HoughArntzen Halln/aReplace Linoleum in Restrooms
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 10:20:51648940Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aReplace Worn and Unsafe Carpets
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 15:27:48648942Greg HoughArntzen Halln/aSeismically Brace Existing Unbraced Suspended Ceilings
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:08:32648943Greg HoughMultiple BuildingsReplace Wall Mount Custodial Sinks with Floor Models - Phase 1
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:04:43648944Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aRehabilitate Domestic Hot Water - Phase 1
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:59:27648949Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aRehabilitate Domestic Hot Water - Phase 2
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 16:08:44648950Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aRehabilitate Domestic Hot Water - Phase 3
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 16:02:52648951Greg HoughCommunication Facilityn/aUpgrade Floor Drains at Communications Building Basement
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:27:48648954Greg HoughArt Annexn/aReplace Sewage Ejector Pump
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 13:43:08648959Greg HoughChemistry Buildingn/aReplace Lab Vacuum Pump
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:26:05648961Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aReplace Leslie Steam Valves
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 15:08:35648964Greg HoughCampus Services Buildingn/aUpgrade HVAC to improve Indoor Air Quality
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 15:13:59648972Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aReplace Obsolete Vane Axial Fans
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 16:10:19648977Greg HoughWilson Libraryn/aWL 1st Fl North Air Handling Unit
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:06:53648979Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aReplace Condensate Receivers & Pumps in Multiple Buildings - Phase 3
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 15:01:11648980Greg HoughChemistry Buildingn/aReplace Steam Pre-Heaters at Supply Air Intakes
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 13:35:05648983Greg HoughWilson Libraryn/aUpgrade Hydronic Heating System
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:03:00648985Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aPlumbing Isolation Valve Replacements and Additions at Multiple Buildings
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 15:23:25648990Greg HoughArntzen HallReplace Hand Valves for Radiators
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 13:56:57648992Greg HoughFine Arts Buildingn/aUpgrade Western Gallery Package Unit
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 15:25:47648995Greg HoughOld Mainn/aReplace Failing Hydronic Hand Valves with DDC Controlled Valves
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 16:12:26649000Greg HoughParks Halln/aUpgrade Hydronic Heat Controls
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 15:02:54649003Greg HoughArntzen Halln/aReplace Outside Air Dampers
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:49:45649005Greg HoughPerforming Arts Centern/aReplace Outside Air Dampers
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 10:43:48649008Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aUpgrade Building Automation Controls (BACS) Platform - Phase 1
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 13:32:23649011Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aReplace Aging Fire Sprinkler Heads
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:00:07649013*Required*Old Mainn/aReplace High Voltage Switch
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 16:14:23649017Greg HoughShannon Point Marine Centern/aReplace Electrical Switchgear
Business & Financial Affairs20120403 10:56:24649021Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aProvide Fire Department Emergency Radio Reception in Buildings
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 13:25:56649024Greg HoughHumanities Bldgn/aUpgrade Electronic Safety System
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 13:29:48649030Greg HoughArntzen Halln/aUpgrade Electronic Safety System
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 16:56:43649034Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aImplement Recycle Pilot Program
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 11:01:41649038Greg HoughMultiple BuildingsReplace Window Blinds - Phase 1
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:32:51649040Greg HoughMultiple BuildingsnReplace Window Blinds - Phase 2
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 15:15:39649043Greg HoughHannegan Road Residencen/aDemolish Hannegan Road Residence
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 13:17:18649045Greg HoughGroundsn/aEmergent Grounds Renewal
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:20:01649049Greg HoughGroundsn/aRidgeway Sidewalk Restoration
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 13:38:44649053Greg HoughGroundsn/aReplace Brick Paving
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 16:16:04649054Greg HoughGroundsn/aRepair Edging at Fairhaven College Courtyard
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:23:04649057Greg HoughGroundsn/aResurface Existing Concrete Stairs
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 16:59:29649060Greg HoughGroundsUpgrade High Street Landscape Appearance
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 13:58:21649062Greg HoughGroundsn/aReplace Fairhaven Service Road Rockery
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:15:53649065Greg HoughGroundsn/aReplace Exterior Trash Cans - Phase 2
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 16:44:33649069Greg HoughGroundsn/aOutdoor Bench Seating Replacement - Phase 2
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 10:00:05649074Greg HoughUtilitiesn/aEmergent Utility Replacement
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 16:06:17649079Greg HoughUtilitiesn/aSelective Water Main Replacement
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 13:15:05649083Greg HoughUtilitiesn/aSouth Campus Gravel Parking Lot Storm Water Mitigation
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:57:41649087Greg HoughUtilitiesn/aNorth Basin Storm Water Discharge Upgrades
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 11:16:06649090Greg HoughUtilitiesn/aReplace Steam Piping at Ridgeway-Phase 1
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 11:24:39649093Greg HoughUtilitiesn/aCentral Campus Steam Reliability Upgrades
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 15:21:04649094Greg HoughSteam Plantn/aReplace Remaining Pneumatic Controls at Steam Plant
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 16:04:47649111Greg HoughUtilitiesn/aUpgrade Steam Isolation Valves
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 15:09:47649114Greg HoughUtilitiesn/aReplace Air Steel Piping
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 13:54:49649118Greg HoughUtilitiesn/aReplace Electrical Feeder to Birnam Wood Complex
Business & Financial Affairs20120430 11:07:25649121*Required*Utilitiesn/aComplete Remaining Remote Utility Monitoring
Business & Financial Affairs20120412 14:32:08649128Greg HoughShannon Pt Caretaker Residencen/aPermanent Maintenance Storage Building at Shannon Point
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 11:26:41649129Greg HoughPhysical Plantn/aConstruction Waste Recycle at Physical Plant
Business & Financial Affairs20120430 12:09:06649130Greg HoughMultiple Buildingsn/aRehabilitate Building Interior Finishes - Phase 2
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 14:30:06649490Greg HoughShannon Point Commonsn/aReplace Shannon Point Commons Roof
Business & Financial Affairs20120418 13:39:52653973Rick BennerGroundsFairhaven Entry Road Improvements
External Affairs20120423 10:55:39611203Steve SwanBellinghamWaterfront Land Acquisition
External Affairs20120423 10:56:56611209Steve SwanBellinghamWaterfront Community Learning Center
External Affairs20110926 16:48:01611212Steve SwanSELECTHuxley Relocation to the Waterfront
SELECT20110925 17:25:19624150*Required*SELECTGoltz Murrary Building
SELECT20120203 10:26:44637580Derek Yip-HoiRoss Engineering TechnologyET 136Mezzanine Space over Manufacturing Processes Laboratory
Student Affairs20110921 19:37:49620352Linda P. BeckmanGrounds2 Grass Fields N of Tennis CtsMulti-Purpose All Weather Turf Field
Student Affairs20120412 14:12:36633278Aaron IgnacOld Main280 (A-K)Career Services Employer Internship/Recruiting Strategies
Student Affairs20120109 11:16:15644552Rick StefaniOld MainOM270Create office space in OM270
Student Affairs20111218 08:23:34644553Rick StefaniOld MainOM 240 [ltr, ltr]Move wall at @ 240 [letter, letter]
Student Affairs20120412 14:03:13644554Linda Beckman, Clara Capron, Rick StefaniOld MainOM 210, 270 & 275Repurpose Space for Enrollment Strategies and Privacy of Counselor Offices
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