Public Works Projects in Construction

Please visit the WWU GIS map to see a list of current construction projects.

PW645 Carver Renovation

Complete renovation of Carver includes replacement of the building center section with a three-story addition & wrapping the east & south sides with new structure & glass fenestration. The renovation will address substandard seismic & life safety conditions, replace aging structural, mechanical & electrical systems & create ADA access to programs & classrooms.

For construction updates, please visit the Carver Academic Renovation Updates page.

PW695 Ridgeway Gamma Renovation Phase 2

Adjustments to existing fire sprinkler and automatic fire alarm systems, gypsum board soffits, seismic, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, hazardous materials abatement, emergency lighting systems, interior painting, and floor coverings. This completes the second of a two-phase project.

PW705A Elevator Renewals

Upgrade two elevators in Parks Hall to current code and safety standards, including increasing ventilation in elevator machine rooms.

Upgrade Wilson Library West elevator (excluding cab finishes).

PW713 C Parking Lot Upgrade Phase II

Project involves grading (minor) and paving of existing gravel parking lots in the south campus area. Specific lots include that portion of Lot C/CR lying west of and immediately adjacent to Bill McDonald Parkway, and lot C/CR lying east of and immediately adjacent to Bill McDonald Parkway. Work will include addition of enclosed storm drainage system, construction of rain gardens, relocation of existing parking lot standards, and landscaping.

PW713 SEPA Package

PW716 Carver Food Service

New food venue in northeast corner of Carver creates another spot for food service in the center of campus. Also provides support for catering special events in Carver.

PW717 Birnam Wood Moisture Mitigation Phase 3

Work will include excavation, trenching, foundation restoration and application of hot asphalt waterproofing at Stacks 3, 4, and 5; as well as the Community Building. Stacks 3 and 5 will have crawl space work below.

Stacks will not be occupied during construction.

PW718 Parking Lot Seal & Repair Phase 3

Application of seal coat and repairs to areas damaged by wear or poor drainage in Lots 14G (two of three distinct lot areas) and Lot CBS. Clean, make minor repairs to surface, add concrete curbs at some edges, fill cracks, seal and paint Lot 14G. Fill cracks, clean, seal and paint Lot CBS.

PW720 Birnam Wood Emergent Deck Repairs

Repair and replacement of 49 decks and railings, including eight decks currently closed due to structural concerns and 12 other decks with structural deficiencies.

Initial phase consists of upgrading all decks at Stacks 1, 2, and 5 plus two decks at Stack 4; a second phase is planned to upgrade the remainder for consistency.

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