Public Works Projects in Construction

PW645 Carver Renovation

Complete renovation of Carver includes replacement of the building center section with a three-story addition & wrapping the east & south sides with new structure & glass fenestration. The renovation will address substandard seismic & life safety conditions, replace aging structural, mechanical & electrical systems & create ADA access to programs & classrooms.

PW664 Nash Renovation Phase 2

Final phase of a two phase project. Project continues installation of new fire alarm & sprinkler systems & removal of asbestos & replacement of finishes. New systems & new finishes will provide a safer & cleaner residence hall & will bring the building more into compliance with local, state, & federal codes.

PW677A Performing Arts Center Exterior Renewal Roofing

Project continues the replacement of roofs which will help extend the life of the building by protecting the interior finishes from water intrusion. The building will remain occupied through construction.

PW678 North Campus Utility Upgrade

The scope for PW678 North Campus Utility Upgrade was increased to include the removal of two antiquated generators and the installation of a larger more efficient and reliable generator at the Performing Arts Center. The construction is scheduled to be complete mid July 2015. The scope was also expanded in spring to temporarily connect the power in Arntzen Hall to the Ross Engineering Technology building until a transformer to replace the antiquated one in Arntzen Hall could be delivered. This work will cause disruptions in Haskell Plaza beginning in mid June; the work is scheduled to be complete by early to mid July.

PW679 Classroom & Lab Upgrades

Remodel BH 319 General Classroom, ET 328 Electrical Engineering Lab, FA 300 Auditorium, FI 238 Lecture Room, & PA 27 Musical Classroom. Work includes updated infrastructure, new finishes, teaching podia, & media equipment.

PW681 Haggard Hall Media Center

Conversion of HH 246 & part of HH 245 into an interdisciplinary teaching & working broadcast studio. Work includes some demolition, new walls, finishes & cabinets, & new broadcast & media equipment.

PW682 Ridgeway Kappa Renovation

Installation of a new fire sprinkler system, automatic fire alarm system, suspended acoustical tile & panel ceilings, gypsum board soffits, electrical, hazardous materials abatement, emergency lighting systems, interior painting & floor coverings. The building will not be occupied during construction.

PW686 Parking Lots Seal & Repair

Parking Lots 6V, 11G/25G, 17G, 20R, 33G, VU service area & spaces at Edens Hall will be sealed & repaired. Parking lot closures are scheduled, pedestrian detours will be posted, vehicle noise related to street construction include backhoe, dump truck, rollers etc. Some dust will be created, as well as odors from paving materials. Accessible parking space users will be relocated; check with Parking Office.

PW687 Nash 7th Floor Reroofing

Seal & repair roofs on the building to help extend the building life by protecting the interior finishes from water intrusion. Building will not be occupied during construction.

PW688 Mathes & Ridgeway Kappa Wireless Coverage Enhancement

Address wireless coverage deficiencies in MA & RK student rooms.

PW696 Birnam Wood Moisture Intrusion Mitigation

Involves seal & repair to below grade foundation walls at Stack 1, including interior renewal.

  • Bid Opening: June 2015
  • Start Construction: July 2015
  • Complete Construction: August 2015
  • Contact: Doug MacLean, Architect 2, (360) 650-3791
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