Public Works Projects in Construction

NEW! Town Hall Presentation, Q&A May 21, 2014

Town Hall Presentation, Q&A February 26, 2014

PW660 Multi-Purpose Field

PW664 Nash Hall Renovation (Phased over two summers)

  • Start construction: June 2014
  • Complete construction: September 2014 (Phase 1)
  • Contact: John Treston, Project Manager, (360) 650-6813

PW667 Buchanan Towers Upgrade Mechanical Room

PW671 Wilson Library Clay Tile Roof &
Multiple Building Roof Replacements

PW672 Replace Brick Paving

PW673 Chemisty Building Replace Vacuum Pump

PW674 Replace Steam Piping at Ridgeway Phase 1

PW675 Old Main Solarium Refurbish Glass/Glazing & Wood Columns

PW676 Replace Electrical Feed to Birnam Wood Complex

PW677 Performing Arts Center Exterior Renewal

PW678 North Campus Utility Upgrade

PW679A Classroom & Lab Upgrades

PW680 Central Campus Steam Upgrades

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