Public Works Projects in Design

PW690 Nash Upgrade Mechanical

Renovate steam & hydronic heating & domestic hot water systems within the mechanical room. Replace existing hydronic heating valves at individual baseboard heaters throughout the building.

PW691 Buchanan Towers Plumbing Repairs

Replace piping in bathrooms & kitchens in five stacked apartments. Demolition of architectural surfaces (walls, floors, ceilings), & renovation of bathroom/ kitchen fixtures & cabinetry. Replace shower drains embedded in concrete shower pans.

  • Start Construction: January 4, 2016
  • Complete construction: March 29, 2016
  • Contact: Sandy Fugami, Mechanical Engineer, (360) 650-2230

PW692 Buchanan Towers Reroof

Replace flat roof membrane system.

PW695 Ridgeway Gamma Renovation

Assess & abate hazardous materials. Renovate roof (including gutters & downspouts), walls (reseal), & windows. Renovate bathroom & student room floors, external floors (as needed), painting (all), & window coverings.

PW697 Performing Arts GEF Concert Hall Lighting

Green energy fund project to replace the house & stage lighting in the PA concert hall with modern energy efficient LED fixtures. Project will also integrate the new modern controls to interface with the new fixtures.

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