Public Works Projects in Design

PW698 Ethnic Student Center/Multi-Cultural Services

This project will create larger, visible and more accessible space for the Ethnic Student Center and dedicated multicultural space to house university staff who engage the campus in diversity and inclusive initiatives and programing.

PW703 - New Student Housing

This project is proposed to be a 6 story student housing facility composed of apartment style living spaces.  The site is located between the Buchanan Towers and Fairhaven residence hall complexes.  The project is targeted for LEED Gold certification with emphasis on energy and atmosphere sustainable efficiencies.

  • Start Construction: June 2017
  • Complete Construction: September 2018
  • Contact: Forest Payne, Project Manager - Architect, (360) 650-6813

PW705A Elevator Renewals

PW713 C Parking Lot Upgrade Phase II

Project involves grading (minor) and paving of existing gravel parking lots in the south campus area. Specific lots include that portion of Lot C/CR lying west of and immediately adjacent to Bill McDonald Parkway, and lot C/CR lying east of and immediately adjacent to Bill McDonald Parkway. Work will include addition of enclosed storm drainage system, construction of rain gardens, relocation of existing parking lot standards, and landscaping.

PW713 SEPA Package

PW714 Multiple Buildings Replace High Voltage Transformers

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