We all recognize that retirement marks a major passage, from one phase of life on to the next. After years focused on the responsibilities of a professional career, earning a living and raising a family, the time has come to kick back, changing the daily pace and perspective, shucking old pressures and demands.


Happi1y, retirement can be a welcome time, with new opportunity for growth, learning and personal fulfillment. Expect the best and that is what you’ll find. New doors will open without necessarily closing the old ones.


Retirement brings with it choices, including your choice of membership in WWURA, the Western Washington University Retirement Association. Since it was organized in 1988, WWURA membership has proven a valuable asset to many, many individuals like you and to their spouses, widows and widowers.


The Association provides the venue for fellowship and social activity. It advocates and advances the interests and welfare of retirees. It provides liaison on behalf of retired personnel with the University. Our activities include:


Fall and winter quarter luncheons with speakers of interest; the spring quarter banquet/annual meeting, and summer quarter picnic/barbecue, with plenty of time and space for sociability at all of these functions.


The Retirees Newsletter, keeping you up-to-date with information vital to WWU retirees and reports on activities of the Association.


Representing your interests in continuing communication with the University administration and agencies of Washington State.


Representing WWU retirees in the Washington State Coalition of Retired Higher Education Employees (CRHEE), advancing the collective agenda of retired faculty and staff before the state administration and legislature.



Let’s all work  together


You are a valuable resource and we need you. With your years of professional experience and the wisdom that comes with it, you can help to keep raising its sights and do more for its members. Join with colleagues and fiends on one of the standing committees, including Health Care, Legislative Issues, Travel and Tours Program, Newsletter, Membership and Elections. By working together we get more done than working alone, and nobody bears a heavy burden.


You’re welcome to run for office, too, when you feel ready. WWURA is governed by a nine-member board of directors elected annually in the spring quarter to serve three-year terms. Our three constituencies are faculty, staff, and at-large without regard to prior employment status.




Are you eligible?


You certainly are if you fit in one of the following categories:

·         Retired Western Washington University faculty, staff and administrators.

·         Members and former members of the University Board of Trustees.

·         Active and former WWU employees.

·         Retirees of other universities and colleges.

·         Spouses, widows and widowers of any of the above.

·         Others who support the goals of the Association  (upon approval of the Board of Directors).


Fill Out the attached application and mail it to the address given. Feel free to call with questions. We welcome your Inquiries  -  and we want you.



Planning to Retire?


The earlier you start to plan, the better your retirement will be - your friends who have been there will bear witness. Take advantage of services offered by the Human Resources Office (Old Main 370B, telephone 650-7314). Staff personnel are available and able to give practical advice on many aspects of retirement, including pension options, continuing insurance, and health benefits. Ask plenty of questions before making decisions. Above all, don’t wait till the last minute.



This is a link to the  Application Forms  (to be printed if you wish).



WWURA Address:



High Street Hall 51

Western Washington University

Bellingham, WA 98225-9020


Tel.:  (360) 650-3532

Membership Chairperson Address:


Kirsti Charlton

1410 Grant St.

Bellingham, WA 98225-4921


Tel.: (360) 671-0708