Thank you for your interest in the programs offered by the Department of Art at Western Washington University. The Department of Art is part of the College of Fine and Performing Arts. Together with the Western Gallery and the Outdoor Sculpture Collection, the Department of Art provides one of the best undergraduate programs for the arts in the region.

Mission Statement

The Department of Art, in accordance with the mission of Western Washington University and the College of Fine and Performing Arts, provides a dynamic learning environment that nurtures critical inquiry, creative problem-solving, and innovative ideas. Through rigorous studio practice and global visual arts studies, students gain knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities that prepare them for successful careers in the arts. The three interrelated areas of studio, Studio Art, Art Education, and Art History, are designed to embrace the liberal arts tradition of the university and encourage life long learners and leaders in the community.


The Department of Art offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in Studio, Art Education and Art History. A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in art is available in Studio. A Bachelor of Arts in Education is available through Woodring College.


The Department of Art is located in the center of the Western Washington University campus between Sehome Arboretum and the main walkway connecting the older part of campus to the new south campus. Western's campus is home to an extensive outdoor sculpture collection.

The Department of Art facilities consist of two structures, the Fine Arts Building and the Art Annex. The Art Annex hosts design classrooms, ceramics studios, and a sculpture area consisting of a foundry, a metal shop and a wood shop. The larger Fine Arts Building is anchored by the Western Gallery, showing internationally acclaimed exhibits. In addition, there are dedicated studios for painting, printmaking, drawing, fibers and fabrics, art education,design production, photography and foundations. There are two Macintosh equipped computer labs in the building. One seats 24 students and the second seats 18 students. Both labs employ the latest software. One lab has additional new media capabilities including digital video. A 50-seat lecture hall is complemented by mediated classrooms rooms, critique space and a student gallery.


Department of Art
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