Basic Driver Safety Program

Specified Drivers


Specified Drivers are those individuals who, while driving on behalf of Western, meet the following criteria:

  • Operate vehicles more than 1,000 miles per month at least 6 months out of the year (need not be consecutive); and/or
  • Within a 24 month period has accumulated two or more at-fault accidents/incidents resulting in damage to state vehicle and/or property of another party; and/or
  • Within a 24 month period has accumulated one or more at-fault accidents resulting in bodily injury to driver, passenger or another party.

Supervisors should monitor their drivers on an ongoing basis to determine who meets the criteria and are responsible for meeting additional requirements for such drivers:

  1. Supervisor needs to re-review with driver and complete as new the Safety Checklist for State Drivers
  2. Supervisor must print and complete with driver the action items in the Supervisor Checklist Addendum for Specified Drivers and then attach this form as an addendum to the first checklist. The completed addendum and updated checklist should be kept in the supervisor’s departmental files.

    Action Items on Checklist Addendum:
    1. Update the original Safety Checklist for State Drivers mentioned above.

    2. Supervisor must review with driver four specific SAAM Chapter 12 policies as follows:
    Subsection 12.10 – About Transportation Policies, including Authorized Drivers and Passengers
    Subsection 12.20 – Agency Motor Vehicle Management
    Subsection 12.30 – State Driver Requirements
    Subsection 12.40 – Insurance Coverage and Related Requirements

    3. Have specified driver complete defensive driver training: Arrange for the driver to complete defensive/safe driver training like the online course offered by the National Safety Council. If you have any questions, contact Paul Mueller at x3065 or e-mail @
Page Updated 01.03.2014