Department of Public Safety

The Public Safety Department at Western Washington University encompasses several functional units, which, though distinct, work together toward a common goal; providing a safe, secure, and accessible educational environment.


For police assistance in emergency situations or crimes in progress, call: (360) 650-3911 or 911.

Non-Emergency or Safety Escort

Phone: 360.650.3555

Fax: 360.650.3367

Contact Info


Location: Campus Services 136

Phone: (360) 650-3555

Emergency Management


Location: Campus Services 136

Phone: (360) 650-6511

Notifications in Case of an Emergency

In the event of a crisis at Western, the university will use every communication tool at its disposal to share information with the campus community as quickly as possible.

These include:

It is important that the university know your main phone numbers, including cell phones; it's also helpful for the university to have contact information for your family members in the event of emergency.