Department of Public Safety

The Public Safety Department at Western Washington University encompasses several functional units, which, though distinct, work together toward a common goal; providing a safe, secure, and accessible educational environment.


For police assistance in emergency situations or crimes in progress, call: (360) 650-3911 or 911

Non-Emergency or Safety Escort

Phone: 360.650.3555

Fax: 360.650.3367

Contact Info


Location: Campus Services 136

Phone: (360) 650-3555

Notifications in Case of an Emergency

In the event of a crisis at Western, the university will use every communication tool at its disposal to share information with the campus community as quickly as possible.

These include:

It is important that the university know your main phone numbers, including cell phones; it's also helpful for the university to have contact information for your family members in the event of emergency.


Keep your info up to date!

Students and employees can help by logging into Web4U and making sure that their contact information is up-to-date.