Shared Leave Policies


Effective: September 20, 2011

Western is committed to supporting employees when they face difficult work/life issues that require the use of shared leave.  This policy applies to all employees who are entitled to accrue sick and/or vacation leave and for whom accurate leave records are maintained. 


POLICY                 Requesting and Donating Shared Leave                               POL-U5410.06

POLICY                 Accessing and Donating to Uniformed Shared Leave Pool       POL-U5410.07


PROCEDURE        Requesting and Using Shared Leave    -                              PRO-U5410.06A

PROCEDURE         Donating Shared Leave                                                              PRO-U5410.06B

PROCEDURE         Applying and Donating Uniformed Shared Leave                      PRO-U5410.07A


FORM                    Shared Leave Application                                                 FRM-U5410.06B

FORM                 Shared Leave Donation Form                                            FRM-U5410.06A

FORM                    Uniformed Shared Leave Recipient Request Form               FRM-U5410.07A

FORM                    Uniformed Shared Leave Donor Form                        -        FRM-U5410.07B


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Applicable Laws

Shared Leave (RCW 41.043660 to 41.04.680)

Uniformed Service Shared Leave Pool (RCW 41.04.685)


More Information

WWU Human Resources


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