How to Apply

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  1. For best experience, use Internet Explorer as your web browser
    • If you are using a computer that does not have Internet Explorer the online application system may not work properly. There is a computer kiosk available in Human Resources, Humanities 203 for your convenience
  2. Select Login to Apply > on the left hand side menu and then click on EASE Logon
    • If you have not previously set up a login you will need to Create Login
  3. Select Apply For A Job on the left hand side menu
    • If you know the job title of the position in which you want to apply, type it in the search box and select go; otherwise, to browse for jobs by type select the corresponding link
  4. Select the job title of the position for which you are applying; this will display the job announcement.
    Important: Read the Application Instructions and Requested Documents on the announcement to ensure you are submitting everything requested by the hiring department
  5. Select Apply at the bottom of the job announcement
    • If you have previously applied for a position, this will say Review and Submit
  6. Complete sections and click Next at the bottom of each screen
  7. Once you get to the Agreement Screen (if this capability indicated in the job announcement) you can attach/upload your resume/CV/cover letter or other requested documents
    • Click on the Attach/Upload files
  8. Click Submit Application to complete the application process
    • If you attach documents and then Save and Return Later your documents will need to be reattached prior to submitting your application. You will also need to re-answer any prescreen questions.
  9. You will receive an email indicating that you have successfully submitted your application
  10. You can review your submission by signing back into the online application system and clicking View Submitted Apps


Print out the job announcement as you may need to refer to it during the application process

Prepare an electronic format of your materials so you can upload to the application

Demonstrate clearly how you meet each one of the required and preferred qualifications

If you Save & Return Later

  • You will need to re-answer any prescreen questions
  • You will need to reattach any documents


If you receive an error message when attempting to upload your documents

  • Check the size – you may need to optimize, or reduce the file size
  • Remove any apostrophes located in the title of your materials

If you receive an error message when entering email addresses for your references

  • Do not copy and paste this information into the system, you will need to hand type this information

If you are finding there are missing buttons/pages, or the system doesn’t appear to be working smoothly

  • Use Internet Explorer browser to apply. There is a computer kiosk available in Human Resources, Humanities 203 for your convenience.