Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Administrative Computing

Transportation from 32nd Street to the main campus is an on-going problem.

One thing that keeps us on the cutting edge is our telecommunications infrastructure.  Things have changed over the years and systems must be maintained.  One challenge is that our needs fall between both budgets – capital and operating.  What can we do to keep our systems up to date? 

We don’t always get the budget we require to keep things up to date and have to creatively work with capital budgets to get necessary work done.

We have equipment that falls into the gray area of capital/operating budgets such as telecom infrastructure.  We have a need for funding that affects the security of our telecommunications systems.

What about the gray areas and the planning process?

One thing that we hoped to find when we came to Bellingham is adult education programs that are available in the evening.  What thoughts do you have about offering programs such as these?

Distance Education and Adult Education Programs make money.

Value of distance degree programs.

Do we need to be concerned with diluting our brand with distance ed? 

We seem to have an under developed relationship with NWIC and WCC.  Can we focus on the 300 and 400 level courses with an improved relationship with WCC/NWIC?  Can we package our programs?

We teach graduate level Computer Science subject matter at an undergraduate level.

Our departmental mission statement years ago helped produce many highly respected WWU Computer Science graduates and made our graduates top notch in the industry for 20 years.  Can applying this type of mission statement to other departments help WWU continue to be "best-in-class"?

 Transportation between 32nd street and main campus points out (in an unfortunate way) the value between communication and relationships.  Some of the best solutions come up over casual meetings.  It would be nice if there were a better way to get people from 32nd street up to campus.  Was up on campus for a meeting and looked around at the campus and thought to myself, this would be a great place to work.

Solution – one plus of working at 32nd street is that we don’t have to pay for parking but a negative is that we can’t use our cars to go back and forth to the main campus.  We used to have parking permits that could be used issued out of our department.  Getting permits again for departmental use would be a great benefit.

Can you address the current budget situation and how IT can be part of the solution? 

Our goal is to become paperless in admissions and the financial aid area. 

I am taking night classes in a Masters program.  One class is in Miller Hall.  How can we spend money for the renovation of Miller Hall when we are in the financial situation we are in?  It seems that the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. 

We are support people for the institution.  As there are budget cuts we will get fewer resources but we are needed to help the institution even more.

One of the ideas I have heard is the ability to do voluntary reduction in hours/pay.  What is the status of this?

Culture shifts is of interest.  We have an opportunity to shift our focus to learning outcomes that would give us a chance to take the learning out of the classroom with internships, travel, and other alternative opportunities. 

What can we do to improve collaboration on projects across the university?


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