Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Alumni Association

Make sure that the branding and marketing of Western are integrated.

Envision the Waterfront as a way to make Western a destination university.

Is Western ready to become a destination university or do we lack a sense of readiness?

Everyone in the organization has to understand the same coherent message. 

Need to increase feedback loops and increase our internal marketing.

Look for more ways to connect students to alums with increased alumni mentoring of students.

Alumni are connected with MySpace and Facebook.

Important to look at the priorities of the university and keep the university as a whole informed about the role of advancement. 

We have an opportunity for key decision makers to be provided information about our excellence.  We need to elevate the recognition of our expertise.

While we have the expertise to help key decision makers, it is our responsibility to be responsive to their needs.

Look at ways we can facilitate faculty/key decision maker exchanges.

We need to leverage our alumni expertise.

We must have a clear vision of who Western is and keep that vision in front of us.

We must assure we are a university that is irresistibly worthy of support.

Page Updated 11.27.2013