Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

Art Department and Art Gallery

I know the strengths of my own area.  One of the things that makes us good teachers for our students department-wide is that we’re all active with creative research internationally.  It makes us more credible if we are known as artists and not just as faculty. 

Did opportunity for faculty to give graduating family their diplomas work?  

When you were first appointed, questions were raised concerning apparent censorship of  an art show at UW-GB.  How do you feel about censorship?

What is happening with the budget process?

Heard interview of you with KUGS. Can’t tell whether our students are in financial need, but I know that working too much affects the quality of their education.   How can we help students to connect their education with the community that enriches their education and preparation and better equip them to be good ambassadors in our communities? 

Designers are working on changing curriculum – a professional degree has to work to serve needs in 2015 and beyond.   Seems to be a critical time for understanding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

International interests and opportunities of the faculty are important to us.

Is the hiring freeze likely to be a long term situation?   I am hoping to build the painting program over time.  We have a search in process.  

What is your role with external entities in the private sector?  

What is happening with the waterfront?   

A potential international focus of (looking out from the ) waterfront – is another way of looking at the opportunity.  CFPA is distinguished internationally and is a gateway.  Arts and how they relate to liberal arts – would be an important focus/element .   Travelled to several universities along coast – now inspired by potential of propelling us into prominence on the Pacific Rim.   Emily Carr and Simon Frazer really growing in arts.   

One of things I loved about WWU was that undergrads had exposure to small classes and seminars.    (didn’t get as student at UW)   Need to remember and hold on to that quality.


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