Comments and Questions from Listening Session with Bruce

CBE Dean's Office and Support Functions

Bellingham needs to know how important WWU is for the economic health of the area.   It is hard to respond to people who like to complain about the university. 

There is some concern about the waterfront – moving CBE to the waterfront might change the nature of the way people think about CBE as an integrated part of the learning community.

Some question the waterfront development in context of the impact on employees who are dispersed--loss of community. The waterfront location seems extravagant, especially given expenditure needed for transportation.

You can’t find WWU gear at J.C. Penny’s and other stores, even though UW and WSU gear is there.     

WWU is a unique, fragmented place – people are very independent.  An example is web sites – very different across campus.    People feel fond of WWU but not specifically connected to the institution.  Not like Cougs and Huskies.   The gear licensing thing is probably part of that.

Worked with the college to develop marketing plan,  Really focused on WWU identifier part. 

We enjoy working with the people in the President’s and Provost’s offices

I have been getting a lot of questions about the budget – can’t answer.  We appreciate your communications.

The Legislature seems not to recognize how much we are doing and how different we are from CWU and EWU.  

In 1983, Econ dept had 68 majors, 10 faculty, 1 staff member.  Now we have 265 majors, 15 faculty, still one staff.    Staff are doing so much!

We are very excited about the waterfront – for WWU and for the area

We made a very big mistake in moving to so many offices to off-campus locations

Thank you for the insightful comments you send by email.

Communication is critical.   In this economy, fundraisers are chiefly friend raisers.   There are so many people engaged in WWU, but there’s no clearing house for the information.  It would be good to have information available concerning the interactions of faculty and staff with the community and visa versa.


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